Sunday, February 23, 2014

How NASA Murdered Gus Grissom

Astronaut Gus Grissom (1926 - 67) was a man of high integrity and outspokenness who was silenced by NASA goons when he brought to America's attention that all was not well with the space program.
He along with fellow astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee were murdered on January 27, 1967 when their Apollo 1 space capsule blew up in flames. But there is more to the story than the state controlled news media reported.
We came across this story without looking for it when listening to an interview Bart Sibrel gave to Jim Fetzer in 2009. Sibrel is the celebrated documentary film maker who made A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to The Moon, the expose explaining the moon landing hoax.
At one point Grissom is heard on tape asking NASA control how we could go to the moon when we can't even communicate between 2 buildings on earth. Subsequently he held an unauthorized news conference where he exposed many of the short comings and failures of the space program, explaining that it would take another 10 years to get to the moon.
That did not sit well with the CIA or NASA. Subsequently a hit squad was ordered by the government to murder the 3 astronauts. Although the press reported that the 3 men died of the massive fire explosion which engulfed the space capsule, documents prove that the men were poisoned with cyanide gas while strapped in their seats. In fact, Bill Kaysing reported that they tried to get out of the space capsule 5 minutes before the fire started.
The men were burned to death in order to destroy the evidence of the cyanide poisoning, and other crime scene evidence. The day following Grissom's death, the FBI stormed the widow's home to seize all of his manuscripts and documents, which must have included incriminating evidence of the NASA program's incompetence and disrepair, a state documented by others before Congress.
Whether the CIA itself, Army Delta Force, or other assassins murdered the astronauts is still undetermined. However, it is very clear that they did not die in a freak accident - they were murdered by freaks who wanted to maintain the lie that the US space program was on schedule to fly to the moon. Of course we know what an hysterical hoax that was.
They say knowledge is power, but it is also a death warrant.
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Anonymous said...

you left out the 535 page document that the I.G., Barron, had that 'disappeared' when he was murdered by the CIA, with his wife and stepdaughter, by making it so none of them could get out of their car stalled on railroad tracks.

NASA has faked so many things, it's merely a de-facto extension of the Central Intelligence Agency and Mossad. no more, no less.

Tony Bonn said...

it's logo of a forked serpent's fang is no accident.

Scottie Ash Tree Seed said...

The first Astronauts spoke of seeing vivid lite sprites in their eyes. Like experimenting when young, by pressing fingers tightly against eyeballs. Which shunts blood flow, causing natural psychedelic shapes and waves of light. Even though eye lids are closed shut and dark when doing this. But moon walkers were experiencing this effect sporadically, even though eyes wide open. Medically this is caused by errant radiation, powered by atoms splitting molecules. Effect can be seen by anyone watching Chernobyl footage, when nuclear fusion radiation crossed film, causing same sprite types called Artifacts. Yet every inch of film and Apex shot video tape exposed in space lacks one documentation of sprites. Scientific proof Moon footage was not shot in "space full of wayward radiation", emanating from surrounding Suns. Has anyone ever questioned this???

Dom Jordan said...
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Anonymous said...
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