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How the USMC Murdered Colonel James Sabow

Both knowledge and crack kill, a fact which Colonel James Sabow discovered when he was murdered by Colonel Joseph Underwood on January 22, 1991 in order to silence him about Marine Corps crimes involving the running of drugs and arms between El Toro Air Station and points south of the border, a vast operation encompassing the southern belt of the United States, including the famed Mena Airport operation involving Bill Clinton and George Bush.
Sabow had been named Acting Chief of Staff of Marine Corps Air Operations for the Western United States 8 days earlier, but failed to cooperate with the USMC’s effort to cover up the drug running, which required that he take the fall for some trumped up charges about transporting some stereo equipment for his son on government planes, giving him a less than honorable discharge.
Sabow had discovered much illegal activity occurring at El Toro, which caused generals J K Davis, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps,   and Hollis Davison, Inspector General of the Marine Corps, consternation – not that there was illegal activity, but that someone with Sabow’s integrity had discovered the weapons  and drugs running.
Davis was one of the primary perpetrators of the drug and arms ring, and was a past sponsor of Sabow. However, that did not stop him from pressuring Sabow from resigning, nor fabricating charges against him when that tactic failed.
Heavily involved in the crime ring was Sabow’s next door neighbor Colonel Underwood, who according to David Hoffman’s account, was more powerful than General Tom Adams, commander of El Toro due to his many political and intelligence connections.
When Sabow was confronted with the allegations, he informed Davis and Underwood that he would fight the charges at court martial. Because of the incendiary potential of such a trial, Davis, Davison, and, Adams planned to murder Sabow to guarantee his silence. Colonel Wayne Rich, who was also an assistant US Attorney General for training, was brought into the cover-up of the murder. In the Justice Department, his job had been to cover-up the Inslaw and Iran-Contra scandals. Clearly El Toro was a node in that crime web.
On the morning of January 22, 1991, a Counter Intelligence Terrorism team of 4 individuals, operating out of Camp Pendleton, was dropped off behind the Sabow and Underwood residence at about 8:05 AM. Given what we know about Colonel George Griggs, it is most reasonable to suspect that he was part of this operation, if not actually on the ground.
The team most likely entered Underwood’s backyard where they awaited their victim with Underwood.
Sabow received a call precisely at 8:30 AM which his brother David believes caused him to go to his backyard where he “happened” to meet Underwood. Whether Underwood or the assassins delivered the fatal blow to his head is not entirely clear, but he was most emphatically present when his neighbor and colleague was murdered. A shotgun which Underwood had stolen from Sabow was rushed in by the assassins, one of whom shoved the barrel into the dying Sabow’s mouth and fired.
Sabow’s wife Sally returned home, where she met LTC Gary Albin who was waiting to return some flight manuals to Sabow. She shortly thereafter discovered her husband dead, running frantically to the Underwoods where the colonel feigned shock.
When investigators arrived, the 3 remaining assassins took control of the investigation by ordering all of parties off the property, including the Provost Martial, and the Naval Criminal Investigation Services (NCIS) lead, Cheryl Baldwin. The assassins then sanitized the crime scene after which they let investigators back in. This information was provided by an NCIS agent who had witnessed the events following the murder.
Were it not for the dogged investigations of Sabow’s brother David, a neurosurgeon, we would not have the meticulously researched and documented story written by David Hoffman describing the crime and its cover-up, and upon which much of this narrative is based.
With the crime scene highly compromised, an honest investigation was practically impossible. But the obstruction of justice continued throughout the NCIS, El Toro Air Station, Pentagon, and Orange County. Dr Sabow discovered forged documents, falsified testimony, witness intimidation, and numerous incriminating comments made by the murderers – the Marine colonels and generals who planned and ordered the assassination.
One of the more incriminating pieces of evidence is a transmission from the El Toro Air Station to headquarters in Washington, DC with a timestamp of 23:45 hours on January 21, 1991 reporting that Sabow had committed suicide – over 8 hours before he was murdered.
Although the Marine Office of Inspector General produced a report which whitewashed the crime, subsequent research revealed that General Adams was commander of the Yuma, AZ Marine Corps Air Station in the mid 1980s when several duffel bags of cocaine were accidentally dropped on one of the MCAS’s air station. Thus it seems that cocaine followed Anderson wherever he went.
Research reported by Hoffman shows that the El Toro operation was just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger operation involving some well known names such as George Bush, Jeb Bush, Ted Shackley, Rob Owens, and General Davis. Bush Sr and Shackley had deep CIA ties going back to their participation in the murder of President Kennedy.
Sabow was not the only victim of the Marine purge. Sergeant Tom Wade and Colonel Jerry Agenbroad were also murdered for knowing too much. Many others were murdered or had their careers destroyed by trumped up charges filed by the Judge Advocate General’s office.
At all points and in all public agencies, investigations and trials were thwarted and justice denied. Judge Alice Marie Stotler, a federal judge appointed during the Reagan years, summarily dismissed the civil case brought by David when General Adams, one of the murderers, was called to the witness stand.
The moral of the story is that the United States Marine Corps is a vast criminal enterprise full of drug running, murder, and violators of federal and state laws. If you know too much, you will be murdered or ruined by those you thought were on your side.
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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, David Hoffman, who also helped investigate the Oklahoma City Bombing and then wrote "The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror" (as was subsequently sued by form FBI Asst Director Oliver "Buck" Revelle over charges of defamation of character over his writing of the Pan Am 103 chapter in that book and his alleging Revelle had advance knowledge of the aircraft bombing plot, committed suicide himself due to depression by over dosing on drugs. He was a great investigative reporter but sometimes jumped to a conclusion without enough substantive evidence.

Tony Bonn said...

Thanks for confirming my thesis, but please do not post here, or leave any more veiled death threats.

I know about "drug overdoses", "heart attacks", "accidents", "suicides", and the blind coroners hired to confirm these fraudulent findings.