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Murdering Paul McCartney (1942-66)

After outlining the major theories regarding the replacement of Paul McCartney of The Beatles in 1966, we would like to progress to a tentative theory of our own regarding his murder. We admit that the physical evidence is slim, but there are other sources of evidence which lead one to piece together a plausible narrative of his assassination.
The Evidence

We acknowledge that there is no corpse, making a case of murder a bit more challenging than usual. The primary fact is that Paul was replaced in 1966, a fact confirmed by the forensic work of Carlesi and Gavazzeni published in 2009 showing that the individual masquerading today as Paul McCartney is indeed a different person than the Paul of 1966 and prior.
The evidence that we have about the circumstances of his death relies in part upon the lyrics and clues from Beatles albums beginning with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Although many so-called clues are ambiguous and could have alternative interpretations than those put forth by the Paul Is Dead community, we believe that their cumulative weight, bolstered by various statements of former Beatles, Heather Mills, and Sir Paul McCartney support the thesis that Paul is Dead.
The Publicity Stunt
There are many who claim, frothing at the mouth and shaking their heads more violently than Baby ever shook It, that the Paul Is Dead rumor is a gigantic publicity stunt. That allegation is a complete and total non-sequitur.  We could concede that someone perpetrated a publicity stunt without at all undermining our contention that Paul is dead.
Did the Beatles really need a publicity stunt c. 1967-69 when Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, and Abbey Road albums had rocketed the Beatles to the apex of their fame?
The bottom line is that a publicity stunt neither proves nor disproves death – the argument is almost infantile.
The Theory
The theory we maintain concerning the sequence of events preceding and following McCartney’s death may be briefly stated. McCartney was assassinated sometime between August 25 – 27, 1966, somewhere between Seattle and Los Angeles – our hunch being San Francisco - and returned to England where the body was staged in a fake automobile accident discovered September 11.
Beginning as early as August 28, McCartney imposters were used until a permanent replacement could be doctored to resemble the dead McCartney, the switch operation completed in late November by the time recording for the Sgt Pepper album began.
The Explanation
The last known appearance of Paul McCartney was at the August 25, 1966 Seattle concert, after which date he is seen no more. What the public does see is a cavalcade of Paul imposters all of whom look distinctly different from the others. This person is often known as Faul, but we will identify his real name following.
If Paul was last seen on August 25, it would be reasonable to assume that he died near the place of his last known presence. He was en route to Los Angeles that evening, where on August 28 a fake Paul gave a press conference with the other Beatles.
That his managers had an imposter in place so quickly suggests that certain parties had planned the murder well in advance. And the fact that a fake one was seen landing in San Francisco suggests that he had died August 25-27. But of course this is not necessitated by any of the facts - simply a reasonable conjecture.
The Dates
We are aware of other dates given for his death, especially the one provided cryptically in the drum on the cover of Sgt Pepper. The drum date is said by many to be November 9, 1966, but others argue that the day and month should be flipped to give 9/11/1966, a matter to which we shall return.
The Body
Some allege that the walrus reference by John refers to Paul’s body, to which a rescue worker likened Paul’s condition when it was recovered from its death scene. While the story is certainly apocryphal, we could run with it by stating that a body submerged under water would bloat, coming to resemble a walrus, meaning that Paul was dead quite a few days before being discovered.
More critical skeptics will dismiss the walrus clues as merely a reference to Lewis Carroll’s poem, but we will show how Beatles’ communications are layered with meaning, making fixation on a singular interpretation fraught with error.
We accept the 9/11 argument because it corresponds with the time of decomposition required to assume the state of a “walrus”. Brian Epstein also announced on October 3, 1966 that The Beatles would tour no more, meaning that the November date of death is too late.
Why would a manager announce to the world that a band of monumental popularity would stop touring, especially when Paul commented that they would continue to play before fans? Was he lying? Certainly life on the road was a pain, but to abruptly state that the band would stop touring when it had heavenly bills to pay is absurd. The only reasonable explanation is that Paul was dead.
Death of The Beatles
Not only was he dead, but so were The Beatles. The difference between 1966 Beatles and 1967 Beatles is stark and chasmic, the two irreconcilable. Clearly someone wanted the band and its influence for reasons other than entertainment.
The Beatles were a shock and awe band, inspiring and promoting behaviors in teenagers which were alarming to older generations. They were the wedge which higher powers wanted to embed in the social structure of America - and the world - for divide and conquer tactics. Besides, the world needed to be distracted from the murder of President Kennedy.
Some say that the Beatles were a product of the Tavistock Institute founded in part by Aleister Crowley. Although a reasonable proposition, one which we have come to endorse, it has limited evidence. Yet it is hard to imagine such young men wielding so much power without a wizard behind the curtains pulling levers. Indeed there is abundant evidence showing that crowds were paid to show up for The Beatles appearances, especially in America, meaning that these powers were very anxious for this band to succeed.
Our best guess is that Tavistock gained control of the second, post Paul Beatles.
The Rosetta Stone
Wizards there were indeed as one sees on the Sgt Pepper album cover. Perhaps the most disturbing figure on the cover is that of Aleister Crowley. Why would a monstrous, vile, Satanic person such as Crowley appear on the cover of the Beatles’ album?
The standard and best answer is that the cover represented favored characters of the Beatles, the cover designers, and perhaps some executives at record publisher EMI. Numerous accounts given by John Lennon and George Harrison support the claim that these persons were heroes of the band members. Supposedly the album cover was the brain child of Faul who also claimed that the characters on the cover were band picks. Adolf Hitler was dropped at the last minute as too controversial.
As such, it is very clear that the Beatles – certainly John, George, and Faul – were Satan devotees to varying degrees, the most convincing evidence being their endorsement of Aleister Crowley, a somewhat remote figure today, but even more obscure, especially to American audiences, in 1967. We suspect that the Beatles thought that they were being clever with their veiled references to Satanism, but time has divulged fully the truth of their loyalties.
Now there are those who say that the characters on the cover also represent those which the band disliked, but this is a stretch belied by the statements of the various Beatles and an eisegetical reading of the event. Redwel Trabant, author of the Sgt Pepper Code, stated consistently in his essays that the persons selected were those whom they admired in some fashion, Adolf Hitler included.
An argument against our Satanic readings of the Beatles’ religion is that their interests were more those of dabblers and curiosity seekers than that of true believers. More importantly, we would argue that Faul was the prime mover of this development – the true believer.
Paul the Satanist
Now regarding Faul, there is one argument that he was Ian Iachimoe, an owner of the occult art gallery Indica where Yoko Ono exhibited and met John Lennon. William Shears Campbell is said to be Ian Iachimoe, and Billy Shears is the band leader introduced at the beginning of the Sgt Pepper album, which in turn would be Faul McCartney. Lennon, incidentally, publicly met Ono in 1966 at Indica around the time of McCartney’s death. Did he know her prior to his public meeting with her? Ono is a witch and intelligence agent – making her a perfect Tavistock client or agent.
The Motive
Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the McCartney murder is motive, of which many have been put forth. We believe that The Beatles’ apparent opposition to the Viet Nam war is a plausible explanation for his death, but we think it is too shallow.
Others have noted that Paul, after an encounter with Mark Lane, became convinced that President John Kennedy was murdered by a conspiracy rather than through the idiotic lone nut theory manufactured by the perpetrators.
Offering to lend his talents to a musical on the subject, authorities may have feared that the popular entertainer would open way too many minds; so they murdered him as they did so many other witnesses.
The realization that a band this powerful needed to be controlled probably inspired the Powers That Be that they could hijack the group for their own needs. In particular, with the Viet Nam war escalating, and the Bush Crime Syndicate needing a market for its drugs being shipped out of the Golden Triangle, the Beatles’ advocacy of drug use could be a huge boon to their trade.
Thus Faul’s interview in 1967 admitting that he used LSD was basically a paid advertisement for drugs being sold by the US government imported from Southeast Asia.
As we have noted elsewhere, the post 1966 Beatles were worlds apart stylistically and musically from the pre 1967 band. This difference, then, is what the cover of Sgt Pepper symbolizes – the death of the old Beatles and the birth of the new, an evolution which probably could not have occurred with Paul still in the band.
There were also the messy underworld connections of the Beatles, due in part to manager Brian Epstein’s heavy gambling habit, wherein ownership of the Beatles may have passed into new hands as a settlement of debt. Perhaps Paul was the fly in the ointment whose presence and objections were no longer needed.
While all of the above are probably part of the stew, we believe that Faul’s lust for fame and fortune fueled his conspiracy to remove Paul from the band in order to remake it into a blatantly Satanic outfit to lure millions into the dark world of Lucifer.
In any event, unless Paul was a human sacrifice, his elimination may have been required because he would not go along with the new direction the band’s handlers wanted to take it. He was the fool on the hill thinking he could chart his own course.
The Beatles ended their US tour in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park, San Francisco being the frothy home of Anton Lavey, Ken Anger, and the Church of Satan.
The Culprits
So where are we? We are at the point of nominating a murderer – if not a group of murderers. We believe that Faul was the front man of the coup who was assisted by Paul’s brother who has gone along with the conspiracy for pecuniary and religious reasons. Both are Satanists, and human sacrifice is part and parcel of that occultic faction. The motive was fame and money for their part, and for the handlers, a vast new drug market whose supply was brought under the control of the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Many state that Beatles’ albums and lyrics are replete with clues about the murder of Paul. To a point we agree, though many are intentionally misleading and may well reference the death of Tara Browne. But the scariest part of that phenomenon is that there are so many knowledgeable clues that one must wonder how anyone but the murderers could know so much. And we cannot rely upon them to be entirely truthful – only half truthful as a good Satanist would be.
One of the principles of the occult is to hide meaning in symbols which only the initiate knows. Speaking forward and backward was one of the many skills Crowley urged upon his adepts. Indeed the Beatles albums are replete with these artifacts, a fact which Faul acknowledged in the Beatles Anthology.
We don’t expect many supporters of our view, to put the case mildly. The details are gruesome and a shock to at least 2-3 generations of music lovers. However, we must follow the facts and fit them most consistently with the personalities and actions of the people involved. To suppose that Faul murdered Paul seems an outrageous claim to most Beatles fans and observers, but Satanism, to say the very least, is entirely outrageous itself.
The Art
Thanks to Clare Kuehn, we discovered an astonishing work of art, executed by John sometime during 1966 – 71, in which he depicts a dead man bludgeoned death, holding a shovel, attended by his dog, on a bright sunny day. Kuehn likens the drawing to the fool tarot card, linking it to The Fool on the Hill song.
We agree that the picture sympathetically depicts the death of a loved one. We would argue also that the picture evokes painful loss and clues relating to the death. The shovel in our mind indicates that Paul dug his own grave, so to speak, by attempting to defy powers who had other ideas for his life or band than what Paul may have had in mind, or broached subjects they wished to remain covered up.
In short, the art work was John’s extraordinary record to us about the events on and around September 11, 1966 which took from the world The Beatles and gave it Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
The only point upon which we are dogmatic is that Paul McCartney was murdered on or before September 11, 1966. Others are subject to new interpretations, and new clues. The power of the media is enormous, and we are gullible to its seductions. What the media gives, the media takes away.
Clare Kuehn, Mass Shootings & Paul Is Dead,, accessed 2/21/2014
Copyright 2014 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.


Clare Kuehn said...

Well, thank you for referencing the John Lennon drawing and my blog site.

There are 3 shows I have done with Dr. Jim Fetzer, archived under my name at

I would have some corrections to your very calm narrative, however.

Paul attended Melody Maker awards -- boppy, smiley, same. The date of airing of the footage is Sept 13, but it was, it seemed, filmed Sept 10. He reasonably died as the drum-skin on Sgt P and 2 years of anniversary behaviour indicate: on Sept 11. (Anniversary behaviour: 1 year later Mag Myst Tour film starts filming, filled with eulogy Paul is Dead references, including Paul in cameo in older footage in the 2 clips of wizard tower scenes, and 2 years after Sept 11 1966, John recorded "Glass Onion", about the death and mentioning that references and clues could be found.)

There is no good case (sorry, in the final assessment with all things considered) of a USA death.

Also, the idea of a murder is likely -- from the fact that someone came forward with a replacement within a month or so, and subsequent interest of Sir Paul in the OTO of Crowley, mean he was likely connected and it was planned.

However, to posit that Beatle success was due to Tavistock, etc., before the death is a bit untenable. Where could such persons have helped? In PR, yes, i.e., advertising. But not in the basic excellence of the band. Screaming once started does tend to become contagious.

Finally, the car crash is the likeliest scenario, with one glitch: he was probably run over. To posit that the car crash is disinfo is irresponsible to the intensity of the evidence, which goes on and on. Even the beloved producer, Sir George Martin's, coat of arms represents the covered-up death by a tire-tread. It is white (a white car may have done it), has 5 tread lines for 5 Beatles in total (also mimics music notation), has 3 stag beetles (for Sir Paul and the other two living after John's death, but also of course for the 3 original famous Beatles living after Paul's death).

The issue is that he died, was likely murdered, other murders and seemingly faux-suicides (murders) happened and there was intelligence service cover up, protection, and almost certainly cultic activity from groups linked and probably considering themselves higher than intelligence services.

I cannot argue all of this here, but this is my deeply informed and careful position. The claims of other Beatles' being replaced do not (even prima facie) hold up, when the forensic overlays of the heads are done, or in so many other ways. However, people are now going further than Paul and getting uncareful, in the end. RIP John and Paul and the others.

Clare Kuehn said...

About the drawing:

It is, as you say, grief-ridden. It is also accurate to head injuries if not merely bludgeoned (which would not tend to dislodge the frontal bone, which is dislodged here), but rather if splattered by sideways whole-head blow from landing on a road.

The shovel and freshly dug earth combine time after (the burial) with the moment of death (the head and broken ankles, dissheveled boots, which are also themes here and elsewhere and typical of being thrown from being run over, say in a rendez-vous to which to lure him, since a car crash itself would be no guarantee of death).

The man is alive (in memory), dead (in head injury), in heaven (comforted by dog and flower), and witness or present to his own burial (shovel/earth).

This is typical mourning in a vision. Many icons and secular artworks have this element of a dream of all times and hopes and memories in one image.

The Fool tarot card is a tricky thing in the argument I make: I do not merely liken it to the dog, flower, sun in the Fool Tarot restart/resurrection card. I argue that since the song "Fool on the Hill" is constantly linked to Paul and resurrection in the Magical Mystery Tour film and afterward -- even if the song may have been originally written by Paul, not Sir Paul, which we don't know -- it may be that John was thinking of the Tarot in his drawing, but not that the drawing is primarily about that at all.

It is primarily a vision of hope and despair, memory of a death and of burial.

Clare Kuehn said...

Finally, it is ironic that you posted your article at 3:33 p.m. (33s play into many cult murders, including in so many ways the attempt on George Harrison's life: 33-year-old attacker at 3:30 in the morning. It was the day before the new millennium, Dec 30-31 1999. It involved massive injuried: 40 stab wounds or so, minimized in number in the first reports. The attacker was crazed, but had obviously had help getting in. And was obsessed that Harrison was "a Satanist", which, of course, in any simple sense he was not -- though to some, anyone New Agey is Satanic. It is likely the assassin was duped and trained/mind controlled by those who were Satanic in reality, to believe he, as a radical Christian opposite, a mirror image of the Satanist themselves, should go kill Harrison.)

These killings -- including elements of John's death by the CIA, which is another argument, covered in the interviews if you search my name -- have cultic elements.

But interpreting the motive as MERE sacrifice would be irresponsible. Propitious cultic dates for doing other business, plus the sacrificial element, plus the business of why the killers or some of the killers want the person dead, are all likely in play in such deaths.

Tony Bonn said...

thank you for taking the time to post at length on certain elements in my essay, as well as on the topic at large. I encountered you on fetzer's program through a reference from tina foster's site.

together I consider the two of you to be the most thoughtful and cogent of the many commentators and analysts on the subject, even if you have areas of disagreement. your views are certainly influential in my thinking.

if we accept Occam's razor as a useful tool, I agree that your insistence that paul died not in the usa is the most helpful comment you made, although it does raise questions about his disappearance at the tail end of the 66 tour. for example, why did he disappear - perhaps to add additional confusion to drawing a narrative of his death assuming that it was planned?

I also accept the idea that a proxy - as with lennon - may have murdered paul, but do not consider it essential to the narrative, any more than I consider the names of Kennedy's assassins the main interest of his murder - as interesting as it is. ie, who was pulling the strings?

I did not intend to argue that the beatles success was derivative. I agree that both versions of the band triumphed on the merits of their members' talents - not the gifts of tavistock. nevertheless these types of groups love to co-opt talent for their own nefarious ends, and I believe did so to a considerable extent with the beatles. their control wasn't perfect, but if they could reflect some of the bands' glories to their own purposes, then they achieved something important. in the end, much of the rock music of the 60s' militated against much of the pro-war mind control agenda of these fascist groups. in other words, large tracts of the music was anti-war and that was not a welcome development in my view. what a lucky man he was.

For me the manner of death is not critically important, and if the evidence leads to a car accident, then so be it. I follow the evidence rather than my feelings - or at least I hope that I do.

I assure you that the timing of my posting was unplanned. this mystery is one I plan to pursue because I think with careful detective work a very satisfying narrative can be constructed from the clues.

Clare Kuehn said...

Hi. The manner of death -- as with any case's specifics -- is interesting in order to simply know what happened, but is actually important as well:

often the whodunnit, if there was a whodunnit, and, in the case of Paul's death, the very fact of the event at all, come clear when the facts of the event specifically become known.

In other words: knowing how accurate that drawing is to a sideways head injury, either by decapitation or by being hit on the street, shows that the drawing is not likely idle doodling.

As such, it seriously supports the very event of a death at all, and by implication a replacement. Other than forensics, it is one of the most direct pointers to the rumour's reality.

As well, then, a whodunnit emerges more strongly: could it be an accident? If there was an "it" (a death) then the date and timing to get or train a replacement become part of the issue.

Well, Sir Paul was "found" and "worked in" very fast. So someone must have not only suggested the idea but provided the raw material (Sir Paul before he was a Beatle).

That means someone or several persons was or were likely prepared. Who could help them, suggest it, and provide someone? Cultic-religious intel operators, who would also choose a gangland style date: 9/11.

And how do we know it was 9/11 (Sept 11, UK)? From the date on the drum-skin of Sgt Pepper album, plus 2 eulogistic anniversaries: the start of the MMT film 1 year later and the recording of Glass Onion (the only mention of there being clues). We also know it because any later leaves less time to fix up Sir Paul.

More than this, though, we do not know reasonably at this time.

I hope you keep plugging on at this issue. Best wishes. And thank you for your compliments. There are 3 shows about this on Fetzer's site. People can search my name, Clare Kuehn, at to find them. Their dates are Jan. 2012, Jan & Feb 2014.

Tony Bonn said...

the McCartney case shares many features of the kennedy case - ie a coalition of the willing conspired, each for parochial reasons, to murder someone, and still expends substantial efforts to cover up the details of the crime. I use each case to help analyze the other.

the point is that those looking for motive should expect many, each leading to different members of the criminal operation.

in that vein, I believe that murdering McCartney required a cabal, perhaps with some in the dark regarding the specifics, but each doing an important part of perpetuating the fraud. they are drawn to it for various motives, just as with jfk.

motive - eg cui bono - is a good starting point, and I believe that I have addressed those matters and do not have too much more to add other than to reinforce your idea that McCartney was murdered as an intel-occult operation, possibly with ritualistic overtones.

I am glad that you have pointed out that there is much more evidence than some are willing to admit. namely, the date of death, the album covers semantics, anniversary events, and the drawing - all of which are probative evidences which make a solid case for premeditated murder by a cabal of conspirators - it is more than just a theory.

I go even further to state my belief that sir paul - aka faul - was a principal who benefited enormously from the crime. I think the occult is the thread which ties all of the parties together as sir paul displays without embarrassment aleister Crowley at his concerts.

could I take these data to a court of law? maybe not yet. so the question i pose is, what more do i need? can i take this argument to the court of public opinion? absolutely and it is not based upon gossip or wild speculation. the case is philosophically and intellectually sound.

i think a good exercise would be to pull together all of the evidence and see what gaps exist in order to direct further research. the next step would be to determine who paul knew, and associate them with the various motives. no one is above suspicion.

Clare Kuehn said...

Yes, I have been doing what you suggest.

Indeed cult-intel-gangland crap is involved in this case, even if only after the death, but likely in the death.

Sir Paul is accessory or knew or helped.

However, he is still a Beatle and duped in other ways for intel. We have to remember this when introducing the simple aspects of the case to people. You and I can discuss the rest, but in fact, the first thing is the mere fact of replacement and death.

Also, of course JFK's and other murders and cabals teach us a lot.

Finally, don't misuse the term "theory" by stating something is a "mere theory". A theory is an explanatory work, a concept of how something was done or that it was done; it can be either tentative (being more an initial notion, which you really mean) or it can be a complete understanding and proof (methodical, worked out understanding).

So it is better to say that something is not an unproved or is not an undeveloped theory; otherwise, you add to the CIA's attempt to derail the word theory into meaning mere notion or nonsense.

Best wishes. You can also Skype me to discuss this PID case, its holes and its proof areas, if you wish. Contact Jim Fetzer for sending me your e-mail and I will reply when he forwards yours and tell you my Skype name and you can call me there. Cheers.

Tony Bonn said...

I have forwarded my email to jim, asking him to forward to you.

kerdasi amaq said...

Someone has written a piece that John Lennon faked his own death too. Apparently a film called Let Him Be was made about a John Lennon impersonator who is actually played by the still alive John Lennon. Very clever.

Apparently, EMI has close links with British Intelligence.

Clare Kuehn said...

Kerdasi Amaq: the argument against John's faking his death is sound, though not completely direct.

The photo of him dead and the horror of the scenario, plus how excellent the hit was (typical CIA ambush with no witnesses), etc., are all part of (not the whole of) the argument.

Don't make things unnecessarily complex; there was an assassination and the motives are easy to think of (mostly), but to render unnecessary complexity -- black ops here is not unnecessary or badly complex -- such as that John faked his death (to leave his son? when feeling better? on the last day of having no security?) ...No.

occultologist said...

The most definitive clue in the death of James Paul McCartney is embedded within the Beatles' 1995 video, "Free As A Bird". After finally locating 4 postmortem photographs depicting the corpse of the real James Paul McCartney, I was literally stunned when I discovered that one of them is actually used in the Beatles' "Free As A Bird" video [Freeze the frame at exactly 2:22 seconds into the music video; the image appears very briefly (think of this as a subliminal, sub-conscious mental implant on the part of the video's creators). The image is "reflected" on the rear window of the black police "paddy wagon", and it is quite gruesome, even in black and white. The entire video basically tells the esoteric story of "The Beatles", if you realize what is actually being conveyed here. Why would any band (especially "The Beatles") insert an actual photograph of a dead man into their "music video"? There is NO credible logical answer, except for one: That, yes, this is an encoded clue that the real James Paul McCartney is DEAD, and in fact, "We are telling you, and we are leaving you clues for this historical record, if you are astute enough to pick up on all of the occult messages that we are forbidden from overtly telling you!" By the way, if James Paul McCartney actually died on September 11, 1966, then he died exactly 13 days after the final Beatles concert in San Francisco, on August 29, 1966! Also, another giant clue to the occultism at work here in this sinister affair is this: Exactly 13 years to the day prior to the assassination of John Lennon (on December 8, 1980) two significant albums were released (on December 8, 1967): "The Magical Mystery Tour" (in the movie version, the Beatles portray spell-casting WITCHES!); and also on the same day, the Rolling Stones released the album, "Their SATANIC Majesties' Request", wherein, on the front cover, the 4 Beatles are depicted in the 4 circles. In Satanism and Black Magic Occultism, "timing is everything". The reverse symbolism depicted on the "Sgt. Pepper's..." drum logo is also significant, because on November 9 (1961) the Beatles' future Manager, Brian Epstein, met the Beatles for the first time, at Noon, at the Cavern Club, while on November 9 (1966) Yoko Ono supposedly met John Lennon for the first time at the Indigo art gallery show, where she is dressed as a WITCH in the flyer! [Of special note to Occultists: Indigo is the final color on the color spectrum before you get to the color Black]. In case Yoko Ono hasn't made it clear enough that she is a WITCH, her 2007 solo album is titled, "YES, I'M A WITCH". And to cement the claim, consider this occult fun fact: the final scene in the SATANIC movie, "Rosemary's Baby", takes place at the EXACT SPOT where John Lennon was Ritually Murdered, outside of the Dakota Building (called the Bramford in the movie) exactly 13 years after this scene was shot in 1967 --- the camera flies up and away from the future assassination site, much as a newly departed Soul might leave its dead body --- and all of this is carefully coordinated and planned well in advance. Clare Kuehn, I am very proud of your research into the fate of the real James Paul McCartney, and its wider implications regarding the manipulation of the social masses by the esoteric elite. We just need to pin down the EXACT time, date, and location of his demise...and we will soon enough, with more dedicated Truth-seekers, such as yourself. You should be very proud of your historic research, and I salute you!!!

Clare Kuehn said...

Thank you for your compliments. I won't go into all that you've posted, but the gist has to be correct.

By the way, I do not think the image in the van is the death photo, but rather a doctored live photo made to look leafy, then inserted in the right place to be sinister, as if the head were up there in the van, a police van, in the semiautobiographical video right before a 1960s crash scene.

Also, I doubt we will ever know (without a leak) which road and time he was killed ... or if it was made to look that way when the Beatles saw the photos, but he was killed on some back lot of Mi5. But one way or another, he died that night and effectively head-smashed, ankle-broken.

I know of the 13s.

It is not a pleasant subject.

We are getting to more info about the OTO and the Beatles, but there is a lot of dross and initial speculation which may remain in the picture we have, simply because some things are a gist, in this case, not exact.

I am glad you care.
RIP to the lovelies who were manipulated, though some of them outright lied.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hi I respect hard work about PID,this people try to help mystery dead paul... but in my particular opinion, last view original paul mccartney was in melodymaker i think is september day 10 or day 13... in 1966,maybe , after original paul not anymore, in candlestick park for me its original paul, last concert beatles was 29 august 1966 in candlestick park, no doubts original paul mccartney, real paul is dead, maybe to die in end september day 11, 20, 25 september 1966, maybe october 1966...but in kenya africa its not paul... in 1967 paul not anymore...
forgive my english...

Jean Paul Dreyfus said...
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Ben Fairfax said...
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Clare Kuehn said...

Hi again. I wanted to inform you that in addition to isolated references as possible references, Kubrick's "The Shining" can be now definitively identified as the largest tribute to Paul's death (likely through knowledge, not just the rumour, given the extent of the material which flowed from doubles, which most people do not even know is in there, and inversions and direct Paul numbers and facts).

Annabelle Lefebvre said...
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Anonymous said...
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Clare Kuehn said...

It seems now that the death date clue in the Sergeant Pepper cover (drum-skin as tombstone) corresponds to multiple witnesses of a news broadcast on earliest morning, just after midnight and up to two hours after that (in different time zones, repeated and elaborated slightly), Tuesday September 13, 1966 (UK time).

"Bloody Tuesday" of "I Am The Walrus", and "morning" (but not 5 o'clock and Wednesday), of "She's Leaving Home", which George's figure points to on the Sgt P cover.

Turn IIIX (I ONE I X) around and it's XIII (13).

"I ONE I X ^ HE DIE" is the look of the up-down mirroring of "LONELY HEARTS" on the drum-skin on the front of Sgt P. -- Note also that the typeface which was used for the real album was altered for the CDs and many later objects for sale, to obscure the message.

Willam Shelton said...

What is your view on the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain?

Tony Bonn said...

he was most likely murdered. Here is a broader treatment we did on the topic of murdered musicians a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Mark Lane describes in his book 'Citizen Lane' how a would-be hit man called to warn him that he had been hired to assassinate Mark when his JFK assassination book 'Rush to Judgment' became a #1 best seller, which was within a 1-3 week period of when Paul was killed, i.e., between August 16 and September 6, 1966, while Mark was on his book tour.

And leading up to this Paul McCartney had developed a very close and open friendship with Mark in support of his book, meeting with him at least 4 times to discuss it and Paul actually auditioning to do the musical score. And if the murdering powers that be were threatened enough by Mark Lane's book to try to take him out, there is no doubt in my mind that they were even more threatened by Paul McCartney and his extreme support of the book, considering how popular and powerful the Beatles' were at that point in time.

So unfortunately, though the murdering assassins were thwarted in taking Mark out, they obviously succeeded in murdering Paul a very short time later.

Plastic Macca said...

"The theory we maintain concerning the sequence of events preceding and following McCartney’s death may be briefly stated. McCartney was assassinated sometime between August 25 – 27, 1966, somewhere between Seattle and Los Angeles – our hunch being San Francisco - and returned to England where the body was staged in a fake automobile accident discovered September 11."

This is the theory that I have espoused, yet, my research is not credited, nor is my blog mentioned in the references. I have spoken about this on many interviews. I lean towards Seattle as being e place where Paul was offed. I also think that the body was dumped at sea.
Tina Foster, Esq.
Plastic Macca ~ Paul is Dead

Anonymous said...

that means that TINA is dangerous for all who want to know the truth about PAUL

Tony Bonn said...

To Ms Foster - I have taken pains to credit you in other articles and acknowledge that the PID community owes you a deep debt of gratitude for your work. In fact I consider you the dean of PID studies.