Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Banksters Murdering Banksters Who Know Too Much

With the US financial system imploding, criminal US banks coming under closer scrutiny, and gold on the cusp of the most dramatic surge in recent history, banksters are assassinating its employees who know too much.
Much of the fear gripping the banks stems from massive losses and functional bankruptcy caused by years of irresponsible trades, juvenile leadership, and incompetent loans. For example, last year's London Whale trade has put JPM in dire financial straights, but the trade continues to hemorrhage losses. The 5 billion loss reported in the press is hopelessly optimistic as it continues to unwind.
The massive drainage of gold from JPM vaults has left it vulnerable to defaults, and as gold poises for its next leap, the short positions will get hammered without any source of gold to cover the losing trades as foreigners demand delivery rather than settlement in dollars.
The massive theft of gold by US banksters has caused a torrent of lawsuits - mostly abroad - in which the banksters have been implicated. Those who know how the trades worked and persons responsible for the thefts are in mortal danger.
We have reported Deutsche Bank's impending demise, according to Jim Willie, in which extensive criminal investigations have uncovered massive fraud in bond, LIBOR, gold, oil, and FOREX markets. DB employee's have begun talking and we believe that it is tightening a noose around JPM which is prompting the massive number of murders.
An epidemic of "suicides" has gripped the banking world where several of the reported ones are JPM employees. Of course it would take an idiot to suppose that the employees were committing "suicide" but the press knows its audience.
Zero Hedge reports that Gabriel Magee, 39 years old, a vice president in the investment bank’s technology department, and Ryan Crane, 37, an executive director in the firm's program trading division died from "suicide" or unknown causes. Today a "Mr Lee" also "jumped" to his death. The pictures showing "police" trying to talk him down were probably his assailants.
But these deaths are only the tip of the iceberg. Gerald Celente told King World News today that the count of dead banksters is probably closer to 20 rather than 7 reported in state controlled media. His explanation was that embarrassing secrets related to the aforementioned scandals, and the collapse of the US dollar are behind the desperate attempts to contain damage to the criminal banks.
We have read other reports stating that there are 30 more banksters targeted for assassination.
What strikes us as most interesting is that technology executives are not normally considered bankers, and yet they are being killed for their knowledge of illegal activities at the bank. This is the big tip off that it is not banksters under stress for bad trades, but people with forbidden knowledge, who have been targeted for elimination.
The mass murders are further evidence that the financial system is cratering and is not salvageable.

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