Saturday, February 22, 2014

Top Ten Hoaxes and Crimes of the 20th & 21st Centuries

We present a list of the top 10 crimes, lies, and hoaxes of the 20th century in no particular order.

Official Story
Man landed on moon
NASA sent a crew of 3 men to moon and back, with a moon walk
NASA sent a crew into outer space to orbit the earth who faked some photography. The moon walks took place in movie studios and Area 51
The Holocaust
Adolf Hitler, as part of his Final Solution for the Jews, ordered the extermination of 6 million of them.
Zionists embarking on a genocide of Germany faked the story of the holocaust in order to gain sympathy for a new state and to kill as many Germans as possible
The Cold War
The US and USSR were engaged like 2 scorpions in a bottle in an epic struggle of good vs evil
The US and USSR were never at war at the highest levels because they were each governed by the same Zionist-bankster axis of evil, creating a charade to justify massive arms spending and eternal war
Lee Oswald murdered President Kennedy
Assassins sitting on the Warren Commission fabricated the most fabulous lie about a Lone Nut murdering the president
CIA and Mossad murdered President Kennedy for a variety of parochial reasons
Al Qaeda demolished the World Trade Towers
Al Qaeda and allied terrorists destroyed the WTC as an act of aggression against the US
CIA and Mossad destroyed the WTC to eliminate incriminating evidence against Bush Crime Syndicate crimes, bonds, embezzlements, and murders
HIV causes AIDs
HIV is an inert retrovirus of no consequence. Massive hoax perpetrated for drug companies and mind control. AIDs is a collection of diseases with well known etiologies and pathologies
Elvis died
Elvis died of drug overdoses and declining health
Elvis staged his own death to escape drug goons and others who threatened his and his family’s lives
Paul McCartney is alive
Paul McCartney was the most successful post Beatles Beatle
Paul McCartney was murdered in 1966, replaced by Faul, in order to advance occult and New World Order agenda, including drug culture
Titanic Sunk
The British ship Titanic sunk in the North Atlanta after hitting an iceberg, killing 1500+ passengers
The British ship Olympic sunk in the North Atlanta after hitting an iceberg, killing 1500+ passengers, on orders from J P Morgan and Bruce Ismay to recover the costs of the Olympic which had been ruined under command of the incompetent Captain Smith.
Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor
The wicked Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack
The wicked Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in a faux surprise attack instigated by Franklin Roosevelt to justify entry into World War 2
Germany started World War 2
The crazed madman Adolf Hitler started World War 2
The crazed madmen Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt, acting for Zionist interests started World War 2, and ended it by murdering 1.5 million German men, women, and children

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