Tuesday, January 14, 2014

US On Way to Third World

The United States will be the newest member of the Third World, an arrangement made by banksters who despise this country.
US banksters led by Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, the Rockefeller cabal, along with their Illuminist allies in the entertainment world have nearly completed the economic destruction of the United States. David Rockefeller openly expressed his hatred for America in his autobiography, calling for the elimination of constitutional government by his New World Order.
Jim Willie recently outlined some extraordinary developments with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog which will cement America's status as a Third World nation, a devolution which began in earnest in 2008.
Before discussing those events, many acting as precursors have already taken place. Willie revealed that his sources tell him that 60% of Manhattan is owned by the Chinese who operate behind shell companies under the guise of American investment firms. Massive quantities of industrial plant have been transferred to the Chinese for settlement of defaulted US Treasuries which has been underway since at least 2008.
The most famous example of the colonization of America by the Chinese is the recent sale of Chase Plaza at extraordinary fire sale prices. Our view, informed by comments from Willie, is that the Chinese have taken over the Fed, a point supported by the fact that the new owners of Chase Plaza have a vault next door to the Fed's vault 9 stories below street level in Manhattan.
The Obama administration has worked feverishly to destroy the last remaining health of the US economy and finances by adding 8 trillion USD in federal debt. However, this number annualized is only a fraction of the amount spent by the Fed each month in purchasing worthless assets. Willie contends that the Fed is spending 200-300 billion USD per month on dubious assets - or at least that is the cover story. He implies that not only is the Fed buying financial junk, but that it is paying off derivatives which were triggered from the 2008 financial meltdown, and which continue to the present day, with the JPMorgan London Whale Trade being the most egregious public example.
With the Fed insolvent, the dollar is sure to follow into the toilet. Inflation has been running rampantly higher than what is officially reported by the American politburo. John Williams reports inflation in the 6-10% range, while anecdotal evidence shows even higher numbers.
But the fact of rampant inflation does not even capture the enormity of the crisis unfolding this year. The US petrodollar architecture is under severe strain - in fact it is in the process of being replaced by a petroyuan, and possibly a gold trade settlement device which will render the petrodollar and SWIFT financial payments system obsolete in foreign trade. The SWIFT system is the one the Obama regime used to punish Iran for accepting payments for oil in gold.
Willie described a scenario where Russia's Vladimir Putin will force the Saudis off the petrodollar in favor of a Sino-Russian pricing and payment mechanism, resulting in the sale of massive quantities of US Treasuries. The US Fed will be forced to buy them, but since the Chinese own the Fed, they will convert the defaulted bonds into US property such as real estate and industrial plant. This is the true meaning of the "full faith and credit of the United States government."
The new overlords of the Middle East are the Chinese. The US is in rapid strategic retreat, hanging on through its al Qaeda organization which is an operating arm of the Bush Crime Syndicate's CIA.
If the United States has been bested in the Middle East, it is making one last valiant stand in Africa where Willie confirmed the fighting between US and Chinese troops throughout eastern and southern Africa, where violence rages over control of minerals and the Suez Canal. Walter Reed hospital is filling up with US casualties of the Sino-American African War.
One of the minerals of keen interest to the US and its French lackeys is of course gold. When the Libyans attempted to halt arms running through the US Libyan embassy, Qadaffi or the Bush Crime Syndicate murdered the US ambassador along with some SEALs or other Special Forces personnel. In retaliation, the US took 144 tons Libyan gold held in London.
But the reason the gold was of such interest is because of the massive drain of gold from West to East, in part to settle defaulted US debt, but also to restore some of the gold stolen by US banksters who leased Chinese gold pledged in exchange for Most Favored Nation status in 1999.
The flow of gold out of London has been over 1000 tons per month for the past 18 months, meaning that at the very least 20,000 tons of gold - and more likely closer to 30,000 tons - have gone to the Chinese. As we have reported many times previously, the US has no more gold. There may be some gold plated tungsten in Fort Knox, but the rest of the storage is used for nerve gas, a weapon which will be used on Americans as the dollar collapse accelerates.
So with oil no longer settled in dollars, China writing down trillions of US debt, and massive selling of treasuries to the Chinese owned Fed, the dollar will collapse, and we have predicted that 2014 will be the day of reckoning. The implications will be immense, manifesting itself in food shortages, and gas close to 10 USD/gallon.
Just to make sure that you have enough change you can believe in, the Rockefeller Nazis passed the Affordable Health Care Act which was designed to invade financial privacy and to place implants in your body so that the US Nazis can track you like so much cattle.
We do not exaggerate when say that most Wall Street banksters - certainly the ones at the pinnacle of power - are Satan worshipping megalomaniacs. Just like Illuminist entertainers, these Satanists despise people, especially those without a certain amount of money - to be measured in billions - or who do not have Nephillim blood. We know that this sounds crazy - and we are not in the least impressed by tin foil hat jokes - but we are absolutely certain of the veracity of this report.
2014 is the year in which the subjugation of America is complete, Chinese control is finalized, and the New World Order is brought to a concentration camp near year. But the idea of a monolithic NWO is not accurate either - there are fissures to be sure with their resolutions a burden borne by the little people - you and me.
Greg Hunter interview of Jim Willie, U.S. Bled to Death by China and Harvested for its Organs-Dr. Jim Willie, January 12, 2014, accessed January 13, 2014
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