Tuesday, January 21, 2014

America's Concentration Camps

While reading the disgusting story of the concentration camps America operated following the surrender of Germany in May 1945, we are forming the controversial thesis that these were the ones alleged to have been the German concentration camps.
World War 2 was not about Rosie Riveter or Victory Gardens. Rather it was about Wall Street's lust to rule the world. Its banksters staged a war to fatten their bank accounts and spread misery among the people whom they consider cattle for slaughter.
The attitude of murder was held not only by the plutocrats, but by their hand picked managers such as Franklin Roosevelt who along with Dwight Eisenhower was one of the 20th century's leading mass murderers.
One of the other lies we have discovered is that of the Holocaust, a stratagem invented by Zionists to justify the re-establishment of the Jewish state, 2000 years after God had wiped the nation of Pharisees and Hypocrites out of the Land of Promise. While God will indeed replant them there as the number of sand on the shores, that is his work - not that of man.
Much faked photographic "evidence" has been used to document the existence of the German concentration camps, but authenticity of this evidence has been shown in most cases to be a mirage. There are many explanations for the emaciated figures, including an epidemic of typhus which the Germans suffered in the last year or so of the war. The Soviets were expert forgers of evidence showing a Holocaust which visited upon Jews and Germans after they conquered Germany.
We have all seen the mass graves which were allegedly Jews who were either gassed or burned, but this is largely a lie. While reading Other Losses by James Bacque, it has occurred to us that many of these mass graves may well be victims from American concentration camps erected throughout Europe on orders of Dwight Eisenhower, the allied supreme commander in Europe.
The stories of the barbaric, subhuman treatment he order on German prisoners of wars is precisely what is described by Western authors in recounting Germany's alleged concentration camps. While the Nazis did treat their POW's poorly and as badly in many cases as the Americans, it is the Americans who treated their POWs in the exact fashion as described by the Holocaust hoaxers.
We are not aware of Americans gassing or burning anyone, although further research may unearth such atrocities. By the same token, we have not found any forensic evidence implicating the Germans in such actions either. We have recently reported on the total absence of human remains at Treblinka, meaning that its role as a concentration camp is without fact or substance.
On the other hand, Bacque presents overwhelming documentary evidence that American concentration camps suffered massively high death rates due to starvation, exposure, and murder by American soldiers - all under direction from Eisenhower.
It is based upon this evidence that we present the hypothesis that the many images of mass graves are indeed German POWs whom the Americans buried after they murdered them. We do not offer this thesis as fact or dogma - only that much circumstantial evidence exists to support such a theory, with further research warranted to find the burial grounds of the hundreds of concentration camps America operated in Europe during and after the conclusion of war.

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