Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chronicle Mea Culpa: Buell Wesley Frasier's Curtain Rods

We recently published an essay accusing Buell Wesley Frasier of framing an innocent man in a murder plot. To some degree we believe that we erred in our assessment of his involvement in the framing of Lee Oswald.
The story centers around testimony of Frasier, and his sister Mrs Randle, who both testified that Lee Oswald, the man framed by the Warren Commission for the murder of President Kennedy and J D Tippit, carried a long box about the length of curtain rods.
We had opined that this was a fabrication to paint Oswald carrying a rifle to work at the TSBD the day the CIA and its accomplices murdered President Kennedy. After consulting with Judyth Baker, we realized that we erred in our analysis, and that the story of the curtain rods is much more interesting than we thought.
The general story is that Frasier and his sister saw Lee, on the day of the assassination, carrying a long package wrapped in paper which resembled the length of curtain rods. The insinuation, however, is that Lee was actually concealing the famous - but retarded - Carcano rifle which the Dallas Police Department planted on the 6th floor of the TSBD in their many feeble efforts to frame Lee Oswald for double murders.
For those who still haven't heard, the Italians break out in howling laughter whenever is mentioned the proposition that the Caracano could be used as an assassin's weapon.
Judyth Baker let us know the real story. Most likely Lee did bring to work a set of curtain rods wrapped in brown paper to resemble a disassembled rifle in order to signal to the assassins that he was fulfilling his obligations as part of the murder squad.
Oswald was working for both the CIA and FBI at the time of the murder in order to help infiltrate and disrupt the assassination plot. This we believe was an illusion given to Oswald by the assassins. In any event, he was expected to bring a rifle to the TSBD that morning. It is quite interesting what the rifle was supposed to be. In all likelihood it was the Caracano which he left at the Paine residence, and which rifle the dutiful CIA operative Ruth Paine brought to the scene of the crime while supposedly taking her 1-2 year old son to the dentist. We are not sure why a toddler needed a dentist, but CIA hacks are not always known for good lies.
So Lee carried the package as though it were a rifle to signal to his handlers that he was still with the murderers and prepared to do his part. Lee knew, of course, that he was in the process of being framed, but he thought he could outmaneuver his adversaries. Unfortunately, he overestimated his own abilities, a fact to which he alluded in his last conversation with Judyth.
So now we know the true story of the curtain rods, the Carcano, and Lee's role in undermining the assassins.
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