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Israel Murdered John Kennedy

We have enumerated many parties in the conspiracy to murder President John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, but we have paid scant attention to Jewish involvement in the crime of the century. Today we correct that oversight by reporting on Israel's leading role in the murder.
Although we are well acquainted with various schools within the Kennedy Conspiracy College, we rarely if ever encounter Israel as a prime mover in the murder of the American president. Many parties in the coalition of the willing had various axes to grind, bringing them into the murder for parochial interests. The mob despised Robert Kennedy’s war on the mob; the generals despised Kennedy’s softness on communism; the CIA despised his attempts to reorganize the agency; big oil despised Kennedy’s attempts to eliminate the oil depletion allowance; the secret service despised Kennedy’s allegedly derelict life style; and murderer J Edgar Hoover despised Kennedy’s youth.
Of course we suspect that we left someone out of the hate group, to whom we issue our sincere apologies.
What most Americans do not know or understand is that James Angleton, the head of counter-intelligence for the CIA, was in fact a mole working for Mossad. Angleton’s many intelligence failures were rooted in his desire to destroy the US and advance the aims of Israel. His good friend Allen Dulles was a co-conspirator in their grand scheme to use Jewish power to control the US and the world, perhaps in some messianic delusion as recently attributed to Skull & Bones John Kerry.
We now come to the evidence which Michael Collins Piper presents in his book Final Judgment. Though first published in 1994, it rarely makes its way into mainstream conspiracy analysis. It is a shame because the connections between America’s elite and Israel’s elite are astonishing.
Both Allen Dulles and James Angleton had ties to the CIA’s front organization Permindex whose subsidiary the International Trade Mart was headquartered in New Orleans where CIA asset Clay Shaw directed operations. Permindex in turn was run by Tibor Rosenbaum, Mossad’s chief money launderer and arms procurement officer.
Most assassination researchers probably consider Permindex as a CIA front, but the truth is more complicated, suggesting that it is really a Mossad front. Thus the CIA and Mossad are indistinguishable from an operating perspective. The only question here is, who is the tail and who is the dog?
Coming alongside the 2 American traitors is another whose allegiance was primarily to Israel as witnessed by his adamant insistence that the USS Liberty be sunk by Israeli military forces. The man of course was murderer Lyndon Baines Johnson, the criminal who succeeded Kennedy to the presidency after serving Israel so well.
Few Americans know that Johnson, in violation of US law, smuggled many Jews into Texas prior to, and at the outset of World War 2. His purpose was not so much humanitarian as it was Zionistic. These Jews would form a powerful nucleus in Dallas which influenced a great deal of the city’s business, and have very close ties to Mossad.
The point here is that Johnson’s Zionism placed him under the tutelage of powerful Jewish nationals which we shall see handled most of the southern action of the master plan to murder Kennedy. This type of evidence elevates Johnson’s role in the murder, a role which we recently minimized to some degree.
Why did David Ben-Gurion and his American minions want to murder Kennedy? The reason put forth by Piper is that Kennedy and Ben-Gurion were engaged in a heated disagreement about Israel’s acquisition of nuclear arms. Kennedy was adamant that Israel not acquire such weapons as it would introduce great tensions in the region and expose it to greater danger, a danger about which he was all too knowledgeable after facing his mentally unbalanced Joint Chiefs of Staff in the October Crisis.
Thus the Israelis, through Angleton and Dulles, either initiated the plot, or joined the plot in progress. Regardless of who started it, Israel was a senior partner in the crime. And remember, Angleton was a Jewish mole, driving covert operations to benefit Israel rather than the US.
Lee Oswald has been linked closely to former FBI agent Guy Banister, both names familiar to intermediate JFK assassination researchers. We discover from Piper that Banister was close friends with Kent and Phoebe Courtney who did much work for the Anti Defamation League (ADL). The Courtneys were closely connected with B Botnick who headed the ADL , who in turn contracted Banister to flush out left wing ideologues  - the types who might support Kennedy’s moderation in Viet Nam, Cuba, nuclear weapons, and civil rights.
Banister in turn “hired” Oswald to go to campuses to bait these kinds of people, although according to Judyth Baker, Oswald was sympathetic to their views.
Botnick was closely related to Tibor Rosenbaum who was the head of the International Credit Bank in Geneva Switzerland which was the primary money laundering bank for Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky, the man who for all practical purposes controlled organized crime in the United States through his Mossad connections.
Rosenbaum was much more than the head of ICB – he was Mossad’s chief money launderer and arms procurement officer. Mossad was also the owner of the famous Permindex firm  headquartered at one point in Switzerland, and the parent of the International Trade Mart of New Orleans which was directed by Clay Shaw, who in turn worked closely with Banister.
This corporate relationship rewrites many assumptions we had about them being CIA fronts, making them at the very least joint business operations with Mossad.
Another name new to us is Arnon Milchan, a man which Piper reports as Israel’s biggest arms dealer who was also a power behind Israel’s nuclear arms program. He in turn had a lieutenant, Bernie Cornfeld who had a business partner named John King who visited New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison to warn him to stop his investigation. But Cornfeld worked for Rosenbaum which means that Rosenbaum essentially gave the orders to shut down Garrison.
Shaw’s relationship with the Jewish community goes deeper as he was very close friends with Edith Rosenwald Stern whose family was a financier for the NUMEC nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania, which was the source of the uranium smuggled into Israel.
This power center in New Orleans provides yet another reason Oswald was assigned there for packaging as a patsy.
Also engaged in arms smuggling was the Sonneborn Institute of Dallas TX with which newly discharged Army Air Corp aircraft mechanic Jack Ruby worked as a new arrival to the City of Hate in 1947. As Piper notes, Ruby would brag about his arms running for Israel.
The Citizen’s Council sponsored Kennedy’s trip to Dallas which was labeled a non-political event, giving the sponsors much more control over the event than would be the case for a political visit. Two of the leading members of the CC were Julius Schepps who worked for the Canadian Bronfman family, and Sam Bloom.
Jack Ruby worked for one of the Bronfmans which ties -  in our minds at least - the Bronfmans closely to the murder of the president.
Bloom was the man who maneuvered Kennedy out of the Women’s Building into the Trade Mart, forcing a route which brought Kennedy into the kill zone of Dealey Plaza where he would be murdered by Frank Sturgis who also had ties to Mossad.
He also insisted that a route of the motorcade be published so that plausible affirmation could be provided for Oswald’s knowledge of the president’s whereabouts. Of course Oswald had nothing to do with murder of the president, but this detail was part of his patsification.
David Weisblat, a major financial backer of the ADL, was an owner of the Dal-Tex building which housed different CIA front companies, all of whom used the telephone number of Morty Freedman, an attorney, garment manufacturer, and business partner of Abraham Zapruder whom we have maintained filmed the assassination for the CIA.
Bloom also pressured Elgin Crull, the city manager, to pressure police chief Jesse Curry into making Oswald accessible to the press and to move him publicly from the Dallas police station to the city jail, allowing Ruby, on orders from Bloom or one of his confederates, to murder Oswald. Police found Bloom’s contact information on a piece of paper in Ruby’s apartment.
Although it could all be “coincidence”, Yitzhak Rabin was in Dallas the day of the murder. We do not consider it a coincidence at all, but rather an assassination job Rabin was assigned.
To tie together the case that nuclear weapons policy lead to the president’s murder, Dr Mordechai Vanunu told the Jersusalem Post, after his release from prison for revealing the existence of Israel’s nuclear program, that Israel was behind the murder of President Kennedy.
Thus, Jewish traitors in America, collaborating with the Bronfmans, Mossad, Jewish Mafia boss Meyer Lansky, and David Ben-Gurion, were materially involved in the assassination of an American president. Regarding the priority of interests in murdering Kennedy, we suspect that Israel initiated the request, although Angleton and Dulles jumped on the band wagon with glee.
This episode of Jewish treachery is another reason why Israel is an enemy of the American state and should be treated accordingly. Israel is NOT a friend of America.
Michael Collins Piper, [Final Judgment presentation video], Mike Piper Report,, accessed 1/18/2014
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