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Fetzer Names 6 Assassins of President Kennedy

The man we consider the dean of JFK assassination researchers, Professor Jim Fetzer, recently divulged the names of 6 men he considers the assassins of President John Kennedy who was murdered in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Neither Lee Oswald nor James Files is found among that list; nor are the names of two Cuban brothers we had identified previously.

The list confirms our previous arguments that the CIA and the Dallas Police Department were heavily involved in the murder of the President. We have also implicated members of the DPD in the murder of Officer J D Tippit. Neither the President nor Tippit were murdered by Oswald.

Kennedy’s assassins are as follows:

1.  Dallas Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford, shooting from the top of the Dallas County Records Building, hit the president in the back, inflicting the wound which co-conspirator Gerald Ford moved in order to support the preposterous Single Bullet Theory, or more accurately known as the Magic Bullet Theory. Weatherford used a Carcano rifle.

2.  Jack Lawrence, a veteran of the United States Air Force like co-conspirator Curtis LeMay, shooting from the south triple overpass, fired through the windshield to wound the President in the throat. Our view is that the throat wound came from the grassy knoll, but we are open to new presentations of the evidence based upon ballistics evidence.

3.  Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo, recruited by the CIA, also using a Carcano, shot the President in the back of the head from the Dal-Tex building where George Bush was arrested but quickly released. The Dal-Tex building is where CIA asset Zapruder worked his dress business, and where the CIA fronted with the firm Dallas Uranium and Oil.

4.  Roscoe White, a DPD officer and CIA assassin, and the man who impersonated Oswald in the ridiculous backyard photo sporting a rifle, which was found in the possession of CIA asset Ruth Paine, fired from the grassy knoll but sent his bullets into the grass to avoid hitting Jackie, according to Fetzer.

5.  Malcolm Wallace, hit man and bag man for Lyndon Johnson, fired from the Texas School Book Depository, hitting Governor John Connally in a case of mistaken identity. Fetzer says that Wallace thought that he was murdering Senator Yarborough. We are aware that Joan Mellen, another indefatigable researcher, doubts the authenticity of the Wallace fingerprint found in the TSBD, but for the moment side with Fetzer.

6.  Frank Sturgis of the CIA, and later of Watergate fame, delivered the shot from the triple overpass which fatally wounded the President from the front. This location comports well with Sherry Feister’s position for the assassin. Sturgis confessed to attempting to kill Marita Lorenz, one time mistress of Fidel Castro, and the witness who was able to confirm murderer E Howard Hunt’s location in Dallas, TX on the day of the assassination in the famous 1982 lawsuit which he brought against the Spotlight in an act of foolish hubris, and eventually lost.
For anyone still enamored with the Tegan Mathis nonsense about Colin Powell shooting from the TSBD, we urge you to study Fetzer’s findings.
For our part, we had identified the last 3 of Fetzer’s assassins, but were surprised by the first 3 as we thought that they would forever be lost to history. If anyone could claim case closed, Fetzer deserves honors for having done so. However there is an enormous trove of information yet to be revealed about the assassination. With these names, we are down to tying up loose ends and tying these trigger pullers to men at the very highest levels of the military industrial complex, some of whom went on to be presidents, and others who made these murderers president.

Sherwood Ross, Six JFK Shooters, Three Tied To CIA, Named–Oswald not among them, Veteran's Today, December 28, 2014, ( accessed January 17, 2014)

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