Friday, January 24, 2014

Did Eisenhower Murder Patton?

In reading the gory details of Other Losses by James Bacque, the thought occurred to us that Dwight Eisenhower murdered George Patton.
Although most Americans do not yet realize that Eisenhower was a mass murderer of epic proportions, and perhaps Bacque would be aghast that we have drawn such a conclusion from his carefully researched book, Eisenhower has clearly established himself as a murderer, and shown the capacity for murdering persons who cross his arrogant anger.
We are well aware of the many "proofs" that Patton died in a fluke car accident, but we don't buy it. We have seen uncountable instances of the CIA covering up murder with "accidents." Thus our view is that the "accident" in which Patton died was staged.
But why would Eisenhower murder someone whom he rescued from professional oblivion on more than one occasion? The insight came to us in reading Patton's remarks about Eisenhower's brutal methods in handling captured Germans after the war, methods which he likened to the Gestapo. Patton also quickly and humanely released the hundreds of thousands of German prisoners in his custody, which was at complete variance with Eisenhower's carefully calculated murder.
The real risk to Eisenhower is that Patton had the public visibility and prestige to completely expose Eisenhower's lies and deceptions which he ensconced into the Army's public records to cover up his massacre policies. Although we do not think that Patton intended to embarrass his murdering commander, we do believe that he represented a risk nonetheless. And Patton's remarks about the Soviets were not helpful either.
Thus we believe that Eisenhower had the motive and will to murder anyone who threatened his policies and posterity, and consequently ordered the murder - however subtly and obliquely - of George S Patton in a staged "accident."
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Anonymous said...

My own thought went also to Eisenhower, only my reasons differ from your's though would of come to the same conclusion of destroying careers.but also a cursed satanic parasite race that has been upon this world for way to long.
Ike should of never been promoted to a 5 star General & Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (over many other higher ranking officers above him) especially after MacArthur had him removed from his own staff in the Pacific theater, stated Ike was incompetant of commanding anything. (Ike graduated 2nd from the bottom of his class - I guess though when Ike's brother David is such close personal friends & share a common goal with Eleanor & FDR you get special preferential treatment. one factor that no one bring up is the one connection that Churchill, FDR, Stalin & Ike have in common, That connection is that they were all Communist Jews, that had taken over the positions of power of the countries they had infiltrated themselves into.(Ike was also part Black from his mother's side ) Their whole goal was to completely annihilate Germany off the face of this planet because Germany was the one country that was stopping the Communist Jews from taking over the rest of Europe. When you look back into the Jews history and the expulsion from every European country, for usury, child blood sacrifice, disease, etc.... ( These lying revengeful spawns of Satan are a parasitic race that feeds off of it's unsuspecting Christian host nation, wanting nothing better then to destroy it & the people within that nation. Just look what they did to those in Russia & the surrounding countries when they took over. They had book that they wrote that even calling themselves The Destroyers! (Maurice Samuel author of “You Gentiles” & "Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism." (The American Bulletin, Rabbi Stephen.Wise, May 5, 1935)

Patton didn't like the Soviet Jews (stop calling them Russsians, they were invading murdering Jews who had taken over that country.)
Patton was P.O. when he found out that Ike just signed off on all US POW's still imprisoned in German camps, giving them over to the Communist to do with them what ever they wanted, Patton was going to take POW German soldiers & his men to go get them back. This was just one of the things Patton knew about. Read more here ( & here ( Patton was going to resign when he got back to the states so he would then have the freedom to speak and it was what he would of told especially about Ike's atrosities (Ike was already pegged for the Presidency) upon the German people after the war, to a USA citizenry that was still heavily Germanic. Patton would of exposed the Communist Jews plans and brought them down completely and they knew this. Not only that but Americans would be behind Patton to get their boys back home.

So between Ike's enormous rise in the ranks after his dismissal by MacArthur in Pacific, stalling Patton who could of ended the war earlier, but instead caused the death of thousands of soldiers with The Battle of the Bulge, giving US POW's to the Communist, and war crime atrosities upon all the Germans after the war.with his death camps. I'd say Ike was into it up to his eyeballs & had good reason to have Patton. exterminated.

Tony Bonn said...

You make a lot of interesting points in your essay. regarding the primary question of Eisenhower's involvement in patton's murder, we would refer you to a very recent article we published updating our thesis with more compelling evidence, virtually proving that Eisenhower was involved in the murder of patton. the murder order came immediately from bill Donovan, and almost certainly had Roosevelt's approval since Donovan reported directly to the president.

we disagree that Eisenhower was a jew, a topic which we also tackle in another essay. however, he had strong Zionistic tendencies from his religious training and patronage of Bernard baruch who was Wilson's puppet master, as well as Roosevelt's and Eisenhower's.

both hitler and patton recognized the venomous nature of communism which was a product of talmudism, one of many stratagems the Zionist uses to destroy its host country. the ussr was ruled with an iron fist by jews whose goal is to destroy gentiles in a massive wave of genocidal attacks. for this cause they needed to destroy Germany, for as you say, they stood in the way of jewish genocidal objectives.

the Talmud and rabbinical teachings are very plain that the finger nail of a jew is worth infinitely more than the lives of 1000 gentiles or arabs. the 60 million Russians and ukranians murdered by the soviet jews is unparalleled in history.

both Churchill and Roosevelt were firmly under jewish control, and there are various theories about the mechanics, but Roosevelt's love for "uncle joe" was the absolute proof of his treason and operating under jewish auspices.

Israel is America's number 1 enemy, and without that recognition, the nation is doomed.