Monday, January 20, 2014

Dwight David Eisenhower Was a Mass Murderer

Dwight Eisenhower is often portrayed as the avuncular wise leader who brought America's armies through World War 2 and who guided the nation in peace time as it fought against the Red Menace. What this white washed story does not tell you is that Eisenhower was a mass murderer equal to or greater than Adolf Hitler was alleged to be.
We first encountered this shocking discovery in a reference to Other Losses, an historical tour de force by James Bacque which exposed for the first time the barbaric cruelty Eisenhower practiced against German prisoners of war, and civilians including women and children.
We thought the allegations so preposterous that we sought challenges to the book, one of which came from the pen of establishment stalwart Stephen E Ambrose whom we later discovered to be a serial plagiarist.
His article in the New York Times Book Review of February 24, 1991 provided a reasonable rebuttal of the fantastic claims of Bacque, explaining that the author was a non-professional historian who made basic errors in handling statistics, misunderstood documents, and coerced testimony from Colonel Lauben who provided much first hand evidence for Bacque's thesis.
The book review was a limited hang out, meaning that Ambrose acknowledged that Bacque had uncovered a key truth, but that he had totally misconstrued the facts he had discovered. As always, a spook from the Department of Defense was rushed out to explain to us what the facts really meant.
Fortunately Bacque was not deterred by the torrent of criticism, and published follow up versions to his book, most recently in 2011, the first to be published in the US - over 20 years after the original publication of his book overseas. The CIA controlled media refused to publish the book because it contradicted the fairy tale about Eisenhower.
While we will publish a fuller review of the book shortly, we noted that numerous other first hand witnesses corroborated Bacque's story about the squalid conditions in Eisenhower's death camps, some of whom were threatened by CIA bullies, leading us to believe that Bacque had discovered the truth.
The conditions of Eisenhower's death camps can only be compared to those found at Andersonville during the Civil War. The conditions were not the result of the chaos of the aftermath of war. Any reading of Eisenhower's meticulous war plans disproves that nonsense.
Even though this story is over 20 years old, we will spread the word about this deplorable policy of the United States government in occupied Europe, a policy which foreshadowed the systematic tortures in Iraq and Guantanamo which continues to this very hour.
Dwight Eisenhower and mass murderer are synonyms. Whoever thought that anyone could make Hitler look good?

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