Sunday, April 1, 2012

How Many People Has Henry Kissinger Murdered?

While researching the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, we uncovered evidence supporting additional allegations of murder against Henry Kissinger. Although the total Kissinger body count may never be known, we would like to pass along other cases where Kissinger was the author of murder.

We thank again Jim Marrs for his superb document of the 9/11 anomalies as found in The Terror Conspiracy Revisited.

We previously reported from a separate source several witnesses who identified Henry Kissinger as the mastermind of the murder in 1978 of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro. Marrs indirectly confirms this discovery when he reports that two European countries have several warrants for Kissinger’s arrest on charges related to war crimes and complicity in murder.

While staying at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in May 2001, French police served the Bildeberger member with a court summons which prompted him to hastily exit the country, never to return. We believe that Kissinger's rushed escape was to avoid legal jeopardy.

Christopher Hitchens has stated with substantial evidence that Kissinger is responsible for many of the atrocities committed in Southeast Asia during the Viet Nam war, atrocities which may - in our opinion - include Operation Phoenix led by William Colby, later CIA Director. Operation Phoenix was directly responsible for the cold blooded murder of at least 20,000 civilians.

Perhaps Kissinger’s most famous plot was that against Rene Schneider in 1970, Chile’s army commander-in-chief for Salvador Allende whom we also believe to have died on the orders of Kissinger. Former US ambassador to Chile Edward Korry substantiated Kissinger’s direct involvement in these affairs.

The former Secretary of State is also implicated in the overthrows and assassinations related to uprisings in Nicosia, Cyprus and the genocide in East Timor.

Marrs cites Kissinger’s involvement with an assassination in Washington, D.C. without specifying any details. We would link that with the murder of Orlando LeTellier and Ronni Moffat. The former was foreign minister under assassinated Chilean President Salvador Allende. We reported on this matter in, Is James Buckley a Murderer?

We see a profound need to dig deeper into Kissinger’s macabre past with the expectation that more dead bodies will be found. We, for one, would like to see the former statesman extradited to Europe to stand trial for the charges pending against him.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, Jim Marrs

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