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The Ruth Hyde Paine Redux

Some new information about Ruth Paine and her connections to Boston families has caused us to re-evaluate her role in the murder of John Kennedy and the framing of Lee Oswald. We now believe that Paine told her malicious lies to save her hide - pun intended.
In our previous assessment of Paine's contribution to the falsehoods she told the Warren Commission and anyone else who would listen to her mendacities, we viewed her as a malicious cabalist fully in league with the CIA and other murderers of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.
However, some recent exchanges with our correspondent Deep Truth has caused us to modify that view somewhat in which the Paines' roles were more that of pawns in Allen Dulles' vast conspiracy to murder the president.
Before getting to the particulars, we need to rehearse an important sequence in the Oswald case which justifies our new position. After the murder of the president, an operator overheard a conversation between Ruth and her husband Michael, during which Michael told Ruth that "we both know who was responsible" - meaning that it wasn't Oswald - when the newsfakers started propagating the CIA story about a lone nut. This conversation occurred within a couple of hours of the assassination.
For reasons we will not cover here, we believe that the operator who heard the conversation was a CIA operative. It turns out that the Paines were surrounded by CIA people who made sure that the couple did exactly as they were told. For example, Ruth Paine's neighbor was a CIA operative who knew Allen Dulles. His role was to spy on Paine to make sure she was handling Lee and Marina correctly.
On Michael's side was his so-called closest work associate Frank Krystinik who was CIA. After hearing the news of the assassination, Krystinik had a heated argument with Michael to report to authorities that he knew about Oswald and that he was guilty. Paine refused to  do so on what we consider a couple of grounds.
One is that he knew Oswald was not guilty, his conversation with his wife confirming that fact. The problem with reporting Oswald is that doing so had serious implications for him and Ruth. If Ruth were connected too closely with Oswald, it could spell serious legal problems for both of them. Thus Michael refused the bait.
However, the Paines were given another opportunity to redeem themselves, at which point Ruth went into full battle mode to produce faked incriminating evidence and testimony implicating Oswald in a crime he never committed. Had Ruth not perjured and lied so heavily, chances are that she would be framed in the crime, murdered, or both. After all, she had 2 children to care for, so what's a few lies for "national security."
The story about Michael and Ruth separating was pure bunk, as they had performed the fake separation in 1962 when the decision to murder the president was made. After the assassination, they got back together again to resume their CIA lives.
At this point Ruth becomes an interesting character. Her testimony before the murderers' commission to "investigate" the crime does not even require her to identify herself or her background. It is clear that Dulles wants to protect her in exchange for her testimony incriminating Oswald. She is pure scum, but it is also clear that her life is in danger.
So who is Ruth Hyde Paine, and why did the Warren Commission refuse to delve into her background? Besides Dulles and McCloy already knowing the answers, the simple explanation is that they were covering her parents, or more specifically her father who was an OSS and CIA asset and operative. In doing so, they were protecting Paine's CIA credentials and the CIA's role in the crime.
Exposing William Avery Hyde as CIA would lead to the revelation that the entire Paine involvement in the assassination was a nasty, ugly, brutal intelligence operation managed by the CIA. For example, Hyde knew George DeMohrenschildt who was another Oswald handler and CIA asset. Ruth Paine's sister and her husband - John and Sylvia Hoke - were also CIA and naval intelligence. Paine worked with CIA agent William Lacy who was an associate of Kennedy murderer Edward Lansdale.

Perhaps even more critical than the above is the fact that Lee Oswald was a CIA agent.
Thus most of the Hyde family was involved with the CIA prior to the agency's murdering of the president. To expose the Hyde family on the witness stand would have provided researchers enough information to reveal the conspiracy as a CIA operation. Thus Ruth Paine was not invited to appear before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and her full identity was concealed in the Warren Commission report to hide the Hydes' involvement with the CIA.
Clearly Ruth Paine, as well as her husband, were CIA assets and agents through deep family connections which included Allen Dulles. Ruth Paine was a part of the conspiracy with which she went along, but we believe that she may have been used as much as she used Marina and Lee. The professional feces, Quaker Ruth Paine, obviously doesn't believe that one should not bear false witness against his neighbor, especially when protecting one's Hyde.
Unpublished correspondence with Deep Truth

Linda Minor, Hyde Family in the CIA and USAID, Quixotic Joust, January 5, 2015, accessed 4/10/2015

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Even so, Ruth Paine was telling official America what it wanted to hear. A pack of lies.