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America's Fifth Column and the Murder of JFK

Those who have thoroughly studied the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963 recognize the involvement of Allen Dulles as one of leading principals in the crime. What is less well known is his family's treasonous involvement in destroying the United States of America for well over half a century before murdering Kennedy.
Dulles' grandfather, John Watson Foster, was Secretary of State for Benjamin Harrison ( 1889 - 1893 ) when the United States staged a coup on January 17, 1893 against the Hawaiian government in support of the financial and military powers who wanted control of the islands. A month following the coup, Foster left his position to take up lobbying - perhaps one of the first professional lobbyists in the country.
Instead of returning to his native Indiana to practice law, he opened up offices in Washington to curry favor with plutocrats who wanted to influence US government policies in favor of imperial aggrandizements abroad in order to line their silk pockets with even more ill gotten gain.
After his tenure in public office, Foster trained his son-in-law Robert Lansing, a future Secretary of State, as well as his grandsons, John Foster Dulles, also a future Secretary of State, and Allen Dulles, a future murderer, to take the reigns of power in serving plutocrats and British interests.
When William Jennings Bryan, a strong opponent of entering World War 1, protested vigorously the false flag sinking of the Lusitania to Wilson, the president yawned, which left Bryan with no credible alternative other than resignation from office. Bryan had discovered the treason of Wilson and the Ziocons in sinking the ocean liner.
Wilson had collaborated with the British to load munitions on the Lusitania knowing full well that the Germans would sink it as a belligerent ship as they had publicly announced. Wilson also purposely boarded civilians on the ship hoping to incite outrage among Americans against the Germans when the great ship sank.
What is more interesting about Wilson than his murder and treason - at least for the present discussion - is that he was the instructor of John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles at Princeton. Thus a strong relationship existed between the Fosters, Dulles, and Wilson, with the latter playing the role of sock puppet. All of these men were heavily involved in coups against sovereign governments and in fomenting wars to benefit their wealthy benefactors, including the Zionist Jews.
Of additional interest concerning the Dulles family was the fact that John was a homosexual as was his sister Eleanor, the latter of whom, along with her brother Allen, had sexual relationships with Mary Bancroft, a CIA operative who worked at the Social Security Administration undercover for the CIA.
After graduating from Princeton Law School, John could not get a job with the plutocratic powerhouse law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell until John Foster intervened on his grandson's behalf with William Nelson Cromwell, in 1911 when Dulles was made law clerk of the firm.
In addition to staging the first US sponsored coup against a foreign government, Foster also started the first military intelligence unit at the State Department. Thus when Robert Lansing, his son-in-law, became Secretary of State in 1915 upon Bryan's departure, he inherited much of the machinery to operate covert and criminal operations against foreign governments, to say nothing of cooperating with British royals and the Ziocons in fomenting World War 1. Lansing brought Allen Dulles - at the ripe old age of 23 - with him to State where he learned the ropes of espionage, much as Victoria Nuland would practice it against Ukraine in the "Obama" administration.
Thus the Fosters, Lansings, and Dulles seized the machinery of the government to form a government within a government accountable to no one except Wall Street, British Royalty, and Zionist Jews.
When Allen was CIA director, he was well acquainted with the ways of Washington and the shadow government, knowing full well that his plot to murder Kennedy, at the request of the Rothschilds, would encounter no material opposition, especially since he was running the cover-up of the murder as the primary member of the Warren Commission.
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