Friday, April 3, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: Iran Executed a Rothschild Criminal

With great salutations and jubilation we report the news that the Iranian government executed a member of the Rothschild family for financial fraud of around 2.5 billion USD.
According to Dr Jim Willie in a recent interview with Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets, a Rothschild bankster was executed - possibly beheaded - after being found guilty of financial crimes.
This development is just as dramatic as previous news from Willie when he  reported that Vladimir Putin deported numerous Rothschild banksters from Moscow after they were all found perpetrating financial fraud against Russia. We also understand that Putin put some of them out of their miserable lives, a development which we would praise with great ecstasy.
Our understanding is that Putin's actions against the Rothschilds were part of the motivation for billionaire Ziocon George Soros and US State Department Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland using the CIA, Mossad, Blackwater, and other criminal organizations to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2013. The ultimate goal today, as it was in 1917 when the Rothschild banksters destroyed Russia, is the genocide of the Russian people and nation.
All wars of the 20th century and today have been engineered by Zionist Satanists and their groupies such as the Bush Crime Syndicate with the epicenter of this international crime cabal located in the City of London where the Rothschild criminal banking enterprises flourish under British special protection.
We salute the governments of Russia and Iran for bringing about justice which is impossible in the West. The Rothschild Crime Cabal has been the most lethal in human history and must be stopped. Dismantling the City of London and Tel Aviv would be extremely effective measures in restoring peace to the nations of Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

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