Sunday, April 26, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: Why Waco?

Many Americans recall the conflagration at Waco, TX which marred the early days of the Clinton administration in 1993, but few know that it was a setup to destroy enemies of Bill Clinton.
News media went whacko attempting to explain the massacre at Waco as a government operation gone bad or a necessity to restore law and order because government forces had been wantonly attacked. The media beat the drum that the Branch Davidians were a weird right wing violent extremist cult which needed to be forcibly murdered.
We found out the real story from a presentation former FBI head of the Dallas and Los Angeles offices, Ted Gunderson, gave in 2005, based upon extensive research he conducted on Waco.
The most surprising finding was that 4 BATF agents had been executed sniper style which means that they were not murdered by the Branch Davidians. Rather a government assassination squad was sent to murder the 4 agents in a clean-up operation to destroy people who knew too much information about Bill Clinton and his crimes. Each of these agents was a former body guard of Clinton who apparently knew too much about Clinton's criminal conduct. The Branch Davidians were merely the patsies for the government's murders.
More than likely the operation was planned by the CIA with much assistance to Clinton supporter George Bush, Sr and his crime syndicate. Clinton and Bush are joined at the hip in the drug trade, part of which operated out of Mena, AK.
Based upon previous research, we learned that the Branch Davidians were a peaceful group, but had been setup by Clinton forces in an outcome which was pre-ordained to find a patsy for the brutal slayings of innocent people.
The United States is a banana republic run by psychopaths - nothing has changed since it started murdering foreign heads of state in the 19th century.
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