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Exposing the Hirohito Hoax

Many of us grew up on the lies that Japanese Emperor Hirohito (1901-89), the man whose kingdom invaded most of Eastern Asia in the early 20th century, was a mild mannered, poem writing, marine biologist who was generally aloof from the goings on of his generals, admirals, and leading bureaucrats as they prosecuted their wars in Asia. This is yet another CIA lie peddled by establishment historian prostitutes.
The truth of the matter is that Hirohito was perhaps the most barbaric, ruthless, vile ruler since the time of ancient Assyria, an empire well known for its terrifying cruelty. The pictures painted by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, authors of Gold Warriors, a chronicle about the vast plunder Japan took from its vanquished foes, is anything but sympathetic to the myopic propaganda peddled by the establishment.
The first point which the Seagraves make in the opening chapters of their book is the earliness of the Japanese attacks on Asia. World War 2 did not represent the opening act of Japanese aggression. Rather it started at least at the time of the Sino-Russian War of 1905, if not earlier.
In fact the Japanese had made it a high state priority to completely efface Korean nationality and identity from the earth, towards which end they butchered and enslaved millions of Koreans, to say nothing of robbing them of their financial and cultural treasures.
The authors also cover in considerable detail the rapes of China, Indonesia, Singapore, and other places where the Japanese armies spread their terrors. The brutal physical raping and disembowelments of civilians was as common among the Japanese soldiers as ordering a pastrami sandwich in a New York deli would be.
But for the Seagraves the main point of their narrative was how systematic and thorough the Japanese were in stealing thousands of years of cultural material history from their victims, especially if it were made of gold, silver, or platinum - and it wasn't just precious metals they stole. They pillaged prodigious, mind boggling quantities of precious stones.
At each of the episodes, statements are made which document the involvement of the Japanese royal family in the minute details of these conquests which covered at least a 50 year period. As the supreme being of the Japanese state and people, it is a laugh to suppose that Hirohito did not have a complete grasp and sanction of the methods used to subjugate foreign nations.
But the Seagraves give the specific example of Prince Takeda, a grandson of the Meiji emperor, who related that certain vile acts he performed were at the command of Hirohito.
The background of this episode is the feverish pace and secretive atmosphere under which the royals built vast, voluminous store houses in the Philippines for their plunders, one of many places where the Japanese hid their extraordinary booties. The royal family, not the least of whom was Prince Chichibu, personally supervised the construction of secret repositories for holding the treasures. So paranoid and scrupulous were they that they always ordered the slave laborers and Japanese military personnel involved in the construction of these storage sites into them at the conclusion of construction in order to bury them alive so that the secrets about the gold would not emerge. There were at least 175 of these secret locations in the archipelago alone.
At one point Prince Takeda told his valet Ben that he had no choice but to obey the commands of the emperor. This plunder the Japanese royal family saw as its own possession, something to which no commoner was entitled. The raping of Asia was for the personal endowment of the Japanese royal family. Not only did they steal vast quantities of priceless art and antiquities, but they destroyed them as well.
This vile family exists today and continues to hold nearly all of the gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, and art which it stole from Asia in the first half of the 20th century.
But the main point of our short essay is to document, thanks to the Seagraves, that the Japanese emperor was personally involved in the rape, subjugations, methods, and plunder of eastern Asia. He may have been adept at playing the idiot savant, but he made Genghis Khan look like a spinster Baptist Sunday School teacher.
Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, Gold Warriors, New York, Verso, 2005

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