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How the Altgens Photographs Were Altered

It is beyond dispute that the Zapruder film was altered by the CIA and its co-conspirators at a top secret Kodak facility in New York, but details about the alteration of the Altgens photographs have only recently come to light.
The Altgens photos were taken by James "Ike" Altgens of the Associated Press on November 22, 1963 before, during, and after the murder of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.
Unfortunately for the conspirators, they contained damning evidence to the story they had concocted about Lee Oswald being the lone nut assassin of the president.
Larry Rivera and Roy Schaeffer have cracked the code so to speak about the Altgens photo timeline, explaining how it was altered and sent over the wires so that Walter Cronkite could disseminate disinformation about the assassination, and begin telling the conspirators' lies which would frame their patsy, Lee Oswald.
Rivera follows Altgens' steps from Dealey Plaza to his office about 5 blocks away at the Dallas Morning News office building, showing that it would take about 1 hour in order to complete the activities he reported to the FBI and the Warren Commission.
In fact the criminal Warren Commission, led by the murderer Allen Dulles, studiously avoided calling Altgens to testify even though he was only 15 feet from the presidential limousine at the time of the murder. Only after undue pressure did they call him to testify.
The FBI, under the direction of the murderer J Edgar Hoover, had published the story that the Altgens photos had been published at 12:57 PM on Friday.
What was so important about the Altgens photos that the FBI, Warren Commission, and Richard Trask had to lie about them?
Two very critical reasons stand out for the mendacities. The first is that the Altgens 6 photograph showed Lee Oswald standing in the door way of the Texas School Book Depository which meant that he could not possibly be on the 6th floor shooting the president. That job was left to the crew of Ed Lansdale's and George Bush's teams which encircled the plaza with snipers from Mossad, CIA, Dallas Police Department, and the Dallas Sheriff's Department.
The second important reason for the falsified publication time was to give the photographs an alibi should anyone question their authenticity. In other words, the film was allegedly developed so quickly that there was no time to alter it, and thus it must be a credible witness to the murder plot as told by the murderers.
Before returning to the office, Altgens called his boss Bob Johnson to report what happened and that he was returning with important photographs. Although Rivera does not make the connection, we are convinced that Johnson was responsible for intercepting Altgens and his rolls of film upon his arrival at the office.
This is important because it implicates Johnson in the crime, or at the very least, some other person at AP. Johnson sent Altgens to Parkland Hospital for the ostensible purpose of covering the action there. The real reason was to get Altgens out of the way so that they could inspect his photos to remove incriminating evidence prior to publication. After all, to be competitive, the AP had to publish something about this historic event.
Normally Altgens handled all tasks related to publishing his photography - everything from taking the pictures, to developing them, printing them, and broadcasting them over the fax lines.
This time Johnson intervened to send Altgens on a wild goose chase to Parkland even though Henry Buroughs was already covering the scene.
The alterations in the Altgens 6 photograph were numerous with 12 identified by Rivera and Schaeffer. Although some of the alterations could have been made by the Dallas Morning News, the most likely candidate for the alterations was a CIA front, Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall, a firm also involved in the advertising business.
JCS had some of the most advanced photography equipment in the nation, which they used to alter Altgens' film. After they made the changes - especially those obscuring the identity of Oswald in the door way of the TSBD - they regenerated the negative from the altered image.
With Oswald out of the picture, it was easier for CIA and the Bush Crime Syndicate to promote the preposterous story of Oswald killing the president.
JCS is also interesting for 2 other reasons. It was a JCS employee who spread the false story about a downed Secret Service agent shortly after the assassination.
The company was also the place where CIA agent Lee Oswald worked after he returned from his false defection to the USSR in 1962. As Rivera notes from other researchers, JCS was a major operations center for the CIA on the day that it murdered the president.
The Kennedy murder has been solved and its cover-up has completely unraveled. We are in the phase of simply tying up loose ends, of which the Altgens alteration is a prime example.

Larry Rivera, Roy Schaeffer, JFK: The James “Ike” Altgen’s photo timeline, Veterans Today, April 3, 2015, accessed 4/3/2015

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Anonymous said...

If you are not including Lyndon Johnson and his cronies you haven't solved anything.

Tony Bonn said...

regarding the alteration of the altgens photograph, Lyndon Johnson had no involvement - that was not his assignment. cia/fbi handled the corruption of evidence. Johnson was given his assigned role - he was not the mastermind, contrary to some ill-conceived theories.