Thursday, April 2, 2015

Israel Rules the United States

Many senior Israeli politicians such as the late Ariel Sharon, and Benjamin Netanyahu have openly boasted about ruling or controlling the United States. Their boasts are not idle talk. They are a fact of life.
While Americans think that their forefathers earned independence from the brutal British and their fetid monarchy, the reality is that British royals working through the Rothschilds and Israel still rule this country. Israel is a colony of the Satan worshipping Rothschilds, with Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the leading architects of the nuclear attacks on New York City, as their viceroy.
In a recent article in Veterans Today, intelligence consultant Gordon Duff presented new evidence which confirms these conclusions about American vassalage to Israel and ultimately to the Rothschilds and British monarchy.
Four American senators are on the Israeli payroll with mobster Sheldon Adelson being one of the most important paymasters for these and many more politicians. No American candidate for the presidency can win without paying homage in Israel or to Adelson. Any candidate, such as Hillary Clinton or the foreign born Ted Cruz, who wants to be president must bow before Jewish overlords.
One such acceptable obeisance is a trip to the Wailing Wall where supplicants pray some mumbo jumbo to become president. The Wailing Wall is the site of Fort Antonia, the Roman fortress built during the first century AD to maintain order in the defeated Jewish state. It is most emphatically and positively not the site of the Jewish Temple.
The 4 fifth column traitors mentioned above are Bob Corker, a man believed to be involved in the murder plot against Leo Wanta; Bob Menendez, a man recently indicted on campaign finance charges which are the least of  his crimes; Lindsay Graham the stalwart warmonger from South Carolina; and John McCain, the Vietnam War traitor who provided the North Vietnamese with order of battle information so that they could shoot down American planes.
As senior senators they are given complete briefings on US intelligence information, but have repeatedly violated their oaths to keep the information confidential. They promptly report to their Jewish handlers who then use the information to undermine US policy as they did recently in the case of the negotiations with Iran involving its peaceful nuclear energy program.
One of their most important handlers is Benjamin Netanyahu who has been on American intelligence watch lists since the 1980s when it was discovered that he was a covert KGB agent working to sabotage the United States' security. He fully realized that goal in 2001 when he, Victor Bout, and Michael Harari planned and executed - with help from the Bush Crime Syndicate - the nuclear attacks on the United States.
In 2002, the FBI caught National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, a person we believe is an MK Ultra subject, and quite possibly a man, committing treasonous acts with Netanyahu which involved compromising US security. In order to avoid prosecution, she agreed to permit the FBI to tape members of the National Security Council. This ultimately led to the arrest - and probably prompt release - of many AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) members on the NSC as espionage agents.
Netanyahu regularly visits the United States in official and unofficial capacities to deliver orders and intelligence to his spy network among whom figure prominently are Corker, Menendez, Graham, and McCain.
The ultimate goal of Netanyahu's masters is to destroy the United States, leaving Israel in full control of the Middle East. Duff speculates that some of  the motives are related to a warped interpretation of the Apocalypse, but that is just a cover. He is more on the money when he cites the religion of Evil as their motive.
We have called out Talmudic Judaism as a Satanic cult, with its 6 pointed star of David as the 666 of Revelation - the Mark of the Beast.

Gordon Duff, "NEO – Truth behind Israeli Spying on Iran Nuke Talks", Veterans Today, April 1, 2015, accessed 4/1/2015

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