Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Real Cause of World War 2

We have expressed our thesis about the true villains of World War 2, at least in the European theater of war, but we have absorbed new information which allows us to formulate a more general understanding of the war as a purely plutocratic endeavor for the establishment of the new world order.

For those who think that we are on the cusp of the New World Order, we are sad to break the news to you that it was established long ago - perhaps as early as 1776. It took until World War 2 to achieve all of the aims of the criminal cabal which seeks to rule the world, but their persistence has paid off in spades, as they have easily outwitted the ignoranti with circuses and charades for the boob.

World War 2 was indeed theater - not to amuse of course - but to fool with a smoke screen of chaos to allow the men in black behind the scenes to maneuver and manipulate unprivileged players into doing the bidding of the knowing plutocrats. It was all a chess game to increase their already vast powers.

With their franchise over the money supply secure through their central banks which issue currency based upon debt whose interest accrues to the owners of the Federal Reserve owned by the Rockfellers, Rothschilds, Morgan heirs, Mellon heirs, DuPonts, and other scum who merchandise in misery and death, the plutocrats launched World War 2 to cover the completion of the schemes to take over the world.

Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin were the puppets who started World War 2 for the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. While history teaches that Hitler and Mussolini were the villains, the truth is exactly the opposite. In spite of all overtures for peace, Roosevelt and Churchill adamantly refused in order to bring about total war which they could easily afford through the magic of fiat currency.

In the east, Hirohito and Rockefeller interests conspired to bring about total war and subjugation of Asia through a systematic campaign of brutal rapings and pillagings which resulted in the complete theft of the conquered nations gold, silver, platinum, art, and cultural heritage.
As we noted elsewhere, the vile Japanese imperial family saw the plunder as their personal property, and it was the Morgan and Rothschild banksters who were behind the establishment of the Meiji throne, and the opening of Japan to make the world safe for Mammon.
It is the collusion between political and financial dynasties which explains why Japan owed no war reparations or suffered any meaningful indignities as a consequence of the utter horrors they wreaked upon Asia.
But, you may object, the Japanese were bombed with atomic weapons. So they were. But it was backwater locations which were bombed, and the Japanese imperial family gives not one hoot about the problems or sufferings of their people. As the Seagraves described quite clearly in Gold Warriors, the imperial family stole for themselves - not for their nation.
After the war, the stolen loot was retained by the Japanese imperials, with much of it - that stored in the Philippines given to the Americans. That was the only "reparations" required and it cost the Japanese royal family not one whit.
The gold then became the basis for a new economic order established at Bretton Woods, and a new governance established through the leading intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI5/6, Japanese organized crime, and Sicilian organized crime (Mafia) to impose control on the world through more wars, terrorism, and drugs. We would be remiss to fail noting the principal partner, Mossad, the Rothschild's enforcement arm, and chief administrator of their colony Israel.
We have much more to say about how the post war world operated, but for now it serves our purposes to stress that it was not an epic conflict between good and evil. Rather it was a carefully orchestrated maneuver to gain control of the world through which the leading families of both the East and West colluded by sacrificing their nations in order to enrich the pockets of the likes of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, DuPonts, Japan's royal family, and many others too numerous to name here.
When you see another of the sickening documentaries from PBS and History Channel, realize that they are propaganda to continue the grand deceptions started in World War 2. The holocaust hoax is as big as the Good vs. Evil hoax which justifies the murders of the aggressors of World War 2. By projecting their evils on Hitler and Mussolini, the plutocrats secure cover to continue their plunders and enslavements of the world.

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