Monday, April 6, 2015

How the US Government Murdered Jack Wheeler

Perhaps 3-4 dozen people in the United States know that John P Wheeler III was murdered in 2010, and fewer of them know that he was murdered because he knew too much about crimes related to the US government's criminal use of nuclear and biological weapons. That is about to change.
Wheeler descended from high Civil War pedigree, and lived an accomplished life which few can rival. He graduated from West Point in the top 5% of his class, later becoming a decorated Viet Nam veteran; earned an MBA from Harvard; earned a law degree from Yale, and attended Virginia Theological Seminary for a year.
His professional resume was legendary including a successful law career, and a highly awarded career in the Pentagon. He also threw himself tirelessly into numerous charity works, including time as Chairman of the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Fund.
It is thus all the more arresting that this man's corpse was found falling off the back of a garbage truck at a dump in Maryland on or about December 30, 2010. This is not the usual ending for a West Point graduate with an MBA from Harvard and a law degree from Yale.
Although it should have aroused great national curiosity - at least among the Wilmington Police Department and the FBI, those 2 organizations covered up the crime, issuing hostile and intimidating responses to his widow who pleaded for help in finding her husband's murderer. Little did she know that they were part of the crime.
A fascinating article in Veterans Today by Joachim Hagopian covering this and more history about Wheeler speculates - and successfully we might add - that his murderer was Andrew Robert Levene who was kicked out of the army after 4 months, and most likely picked up by the CIA to be used as an assassin.
Hagopian documents the interaction Levene had with Wheeler in the days preceding his murder, his financial troubles, his sudden move to Spain after the murder, his new found affluence at the same time, his arrest for murdering a jeweler in New York City, and his "suicide" in Barcelona. Our suspicion is that the suicide was fake and that Levene is still alive somewhere in Israel. Or maybe Mossad just wiped him out.
But why did the US government want to murder Wheeler? Hagopian furnishes an answer eminently sensible to us. As a first rank expert in nuclear and biological weapons, he was called by his employer MITRE to help handle a leakage of Phosgene gas which the government was preparing to send to Iraq, Israel, and other Middle Eastern locations to use against Iran, Kurds, and other enemies of Israel - which in fact is the entire world.
The possession of Phosgene gas is completely illegal and criminal. As a signatory to numerous NBC treaties, the US had no business making it and storing it in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, home of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. The gas leak was responsible for the death of 4000 birds, 100,000 fish, and 500 earthquakes in the state.
Hagopian reasons that Wheeler threatened to expose the crime, making the classic mistake of so many whistle blowers of showing his hand prematurely. It cost him his life.
One other crucially important event in which Wheeler was involved in 2007 was the nuclear cruise missile theft by Richard Cheney. Violating numerous laws, and most likely bypassing Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Cheney managed to move 6 nuclear cruise missiles from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota aboard a B-52 bomber probably en route to the Middle East.
It was likely headed to Iran to start a nuclear war when it was forced down in Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. Cheney was enraged. Although it is not entirely clear whether the missiles would be used against US cities or Iran, the most plausible sequence was that Israel was supposed to attack Iran with the expectation that Iran would counter attack. The story would be fabricated that Iran used nuclear weapons - of which they had none - thereby justifying the use of a nuclear strike on Iran.
Unfortunately Cheney managed to get one of the cruise missiles to Israel, and its whereabouts are still officially unknown.
In the wake of the scandal, many Air Force servicemen were murdered by the Bush Crime Syndicate, and the survivors scattered to the wind with the threat that any talk of the treason would be handled through more murders.
It is from this scandal that Wheeler was forced to resign as he, Air Force General Mosley, and Air Force Secretary Wynne were made scapegoats for Cheney's crimes and treason.
The Wheeler story is far more important than most Americans know, for in his world great travesty upon the world was narrowly escaped by the hand of God.

Joachim Hagopian , The Life & Death of Jack Wheeler, Veterans Today, April 6, 2015, Accessed 4/6/2015

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Anonymous said...

The bird and fish kill in Arkansas was either a mistake or a test of the poison gas...... most likely a test of the mechanism to aerosolize the poison. Birds lungs exploded. Wheeler knew of that and more and went to some of his buddies to ask them to stop... or else, he would expose it all. "They" searched his home, left his cell phone in the neighbor house with a small fire, sent one of his friends to kill him, first, but he being a strong military trained man, fought him off but lost a shoe, etc. The next assassin was also known to Wheeler--that is how they do things, both to avoid suspicion for the attack and for the attacker to earn his bones. Yet, the second guy, the murderer did not have the stomach for taking Wheeler's signature CIA Rolex nor his military ring.... likely similar things were on the hands of his murderer.
A big reason to know all about this mess is because of a poor cover-up, a diligent old inspector at the dump seeing the body, a police label of murder prior to knowing it is Wheeler, and all the videos. This is a case study in how the government kills people to protect its secrets. Study it well.

Benny McKeon said...

To this day, I remember Michael Savage speaking of this murder and it worries me as much as 9/11 did. How many times does this happen without us finding out, and who is next...