Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Challenger Hoax

It looks like the torrent of NASA lies continues to flow without abatement. We have recently discovered that the 1986 Challenger explosion which occurred 73 seconds after launch claiming the lives of all 7 passengers was yet another NASA lie.
We are certainly not surprised that the agency whose logo includes a forked snake’s tongue has lied to us yet again. But we are surprised that it took us so long to find out the fraud. I guess we have spent so much time on larger conspiracies such as the laughable moon landing hoax that we overlooked this comparatively smaller lie.
We have not been able to confirm if the explosion was real or a computer animated snow job, but we can confirm that 6 of the 7 crew are alive today. The ever fraudulent Wikipedia maintains with a straight face that all of the crew died in the explosion.
Ellison Onizuka is masquerading as his twin brother Claude.

Pilot Michael J Smith doesn’t claim to be his twin brother – he is using his real name in blatant contempt for the fraud as a professor at the University of Wisconsin.

Christa McAuliffe used her middle name as her first name, but is now using her first name Sharon as her first name as a law professor at Syracuse University. If you wonder why lawyers are so deceitful, we can offer the lying fraud Sharon Christa McAuliffe as evidence. This is proof that Syracuse University is also a participant in the fraud.
The shuttle commander Francis R Scobee is reversing the McAuliffe fraud by now using his middle name as his first name. Known as Dick Scobee, he is the CEO of Cows in Trees Limited. We wonder how many of his customers he has taken for a long ride with no return.
Judith Resnick, like her comrade Michael Smith, has not bothered to conceal her name. Ms Resnick is a law professor at Yale University. It is not breaking news to learn that Yale University is a major sponsor of fraud.
And finally to prove that fraud and lying know no color bounds, Ronald McNair is masquerading as his twin brother Carl.

The only question is, What happened to Gregory Jarvis? Did he die of natural causes? Was he murdered to warn the others to keep quiet? Was he loaded on the shuttle and then exploded?
So, boys and girls, the crew of the 1986 Challenger mission did not die in an awful explosion. At least 6 of them are alive – at least as of a few months ago – carrying on their lies for their Freemason sponsoring organization NASA.
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