Monday, May 2, 2016

Who Murdered Gary Welsh?

Indianapolis activist and lawyer Gary Welsh was murdered outside of his apartment but police are calling it a suicide even before conducting an investigation.
Welsh was an anti-establishment crusader who opposed the candidates of the Bush Crime Syndicate - namely Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz.
One suspect in the murder is Senator Rubio of Florida whose campaign fizzled when his homosexual life style was exposed by Welsh. During his youth, Rubio attended gay foam parties where naked men performed sex acts while covered in a pool of foam. Rubio claims that he met his wife at one of these foam parties.
Welsh's body was found in a stair well with a gun near his body, but police immediately declared it a suicide, which means that the mayor, police chief, and governor Mike Pence, are among powerful political entities as suspects in the murder, the motive for which may be revenge against Welsh's disclosures.
Jeb Bush's crimes and murders for the CIA are well documented, stretching back to the mid 1970s. Ted Cruz' father is Rafael Cruz, Jr who was involved in the murder of President Kennedy in Dallas, TX. To avoid the draft in 1967, he fled to Canada. We suspect that the real reason for his flight was to avoid subpoenas by District Attorney Jim Garrison who investigated and indicted Clay Shaw for his part in the murder of the president.
Without any doubt the Indianapolis Police Department is part of the murder and cover-up. We suspect that the Bush Crime Syndicate, which includes both Rubio and Cruz, were closely connected to the murder as well. Wherever there is a political murder such as this, Jeb Bush is most assuredly behind it.
Pray for justice for Gary Welsh because he will not get it from the government of Indiana or its capitol city.

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