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One Minute Chronicle: Was Hitler a British Agent?

A persistent rumor traffics among good conspiracy analysts that Adolf Hitler was a product of British Intelligence used to ignite World War 2. While it may well emerge that the former Fuhrer was a mind control victim used by British intelligence to foment the war, the evidence is thus far lacking.
There is no doubt that the United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union, all controlled by Zionist Khazarian Jews, started World War 2 in their rage to establish the New World Order with Israel at its center.
But the facts fail to substantiate that Hitler was under the control of imperial British cabalists. One of the more common stories about Hitler’s inauspicious beginnings is that he stayed in Liverpool from November 1912 to April 1913 to visit his half brother Alois and his wife Bridget who stayed in a flat at 102 Upper Stanhope.  The purpose of the visit was to avoid conscription into the Austrian army.
During his stay with his relatives, the story goes, he was programmed by scientists at the Tavistock Institute to become the future madman we have come to know and loathe.
The story has some insuperable problems along with some plausibility. On the plus side, British census records demonstrate that Anton Hitler and Cissie Hitler lived at Upper Stanhope in 1911. It is assumed that the Anton and Cissie Hitler found on the enumeration were in reality Alois and Bridget Hitler, along with their son William who was known throughout life as William. Thus the identifications of Hitler’s half brother and sister-in-law as living in Liverpool are proper.
The only evidence that Adolf visited them comes from Bridget’s 1930s memoirs which were not published until 1979. The story is reinforced by others, such as Greg Hallett, who rely upon this account to support their theories of Hitler as a British agent.
Brigitte Hamann’s scholarly work, on the other hand, relies upon documentary evidence to track Hitler’s movements during this time, evidence which precludes a visit to England. The Hapsburg Empire required that hostels, such as where Hitler resided, keep change of address records for tenants. These records practically preclude Hitler’s visit to England, although they do substantiate his move to Munich.
Hitler’s war record also militates against draft dodging. He was a decorated soldier who showed much bravery in World War 1, something difficult to associate with a draft dodging bum. Hitler also failed to mention a trip to England in Mein Kampf, an excursion which would most likely gain significant coverage given the Fuhrer’s Anglophiliism.
Finally, regarding Tavistock, Tavistock Institute did not exist until 1947. Its precursor, Tavistock Clinic was established in 1920. It is thus evident that Hitler could not have been programmed under the auspices of either organization since neither existed in 1912/13. It is also unlikely that the required programming could be accomplished in such a short period of time.
The lies about Hitler will never end, but we are happy to set the record straight when we can.
George Lepre, Hitler in Liverpool?,  March  29, 2005, accessed 5/8/2016
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