Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Moon Landing Hoax Redux

We have spent considerable time exposing the moon landing hoax, but we did so under the supposition that the universe is configured the way establishment astronomers tell us. With the discovery that these astronomers are also liars, we need to update our exposure of the moon landing hoax.
The standard view of the universe is that it consists of numerous galaxies composed of numerous solar systems, an example of which is the Milky Way Galaxy. Within our solar system, planets orbit around a sun, some of which have lunar satellites such as earth’s moon. In addition to orbiting, earth rotates at 23.4 degree tilt. The earth rotates at the equator at approximately 1038 mph, and orbits around the sun at approximately 67,000 mph. The sun is said to be 93,000,000 miles from the earth, while the moon is 240,000 miles from the earth.
While all of this sounds scientific, it is pure poppy cock. The earth is a flat stationery terrestrium sitting upon pillars and protected by a firmament between which is sandwiched the sun, the moon, and the stars. The sun is about 3100 miles above the earth with a diameter of about 34 miles, and likewise for the moon.
The moon is a luminous entity which does not reflect the sun’s light. Its light is distinct from the sun, having different properties. Neither the moon nor the sun is a sphere upon which anyone could land.
It is not possible to break into the firmament, nor is it possible break out of it.
Given all of the foregoing, our attacks upon the moon landing fraud were misplaced for the most part. In other words, we had appealed to space hazards, lack of suitable technology for space travel, the Van Allen belt, and massive photographic fraud to prove our case that NASA and the United States government lied about landing on the moon. The only critique which has survived is the photographic fraud.
There is no outer space, and even if there were, the protective firmament of the earth would prevent anyone from reaching it. The stars are not millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions or any other illions of miles away. At most they are no more than 7-8000 miles away.
God said that he would send strong delusion in the last days, a deception hard to break. He is using the Freemasons, among whom Kepler was a leading sun worshipper, to deceive the world to believing Satan’s rancid lies. He is making foolish the learning of the wise.
Discard the criminal lies about the universe. True science will lead to the conclusion that there is absolutely no evidence for a galactic universe. As such it is impossible to take a 3 day trip to the moon, land on it, and then return.
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