Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Holocaust Story Continues to Unravel

The Holocaust rears its head constantly, the latest example of which is the prosecution of German former SS member Oskar Groning who apologized for the alleged Holocaust at trial. The only reason that Groning apologized was to fend off the Nazi-Fascist state of Angela Merkel from prosecution for denying the Holocaust, one of the greatest hoaxes of the 20th century.
It may well become illegal in the United States to deny the Holocaust as the Zionist cabal which rules the world is hell-bent on making the Holohoax a state religion. Such is the state of affairs in the Nazi-fascist state of Germany.
Some folks may be concerned that Groning’s apology is a tacit confession that the Holocaust occurred at the Auschwitz work camp where he was stationed. However, careful analysis is required to unravel the latest episode of the Holohoax.
In the first place, a lowly prison guard is in no position to verify that systematic extermination of the Jews was a Nazi policy. His rank simply denies him the standing to make judgments about state policy. The facts prove that the Nazi government had no intention of systematically exterminating the Jews, however much they wanted to be rid themselves of the traitors through other humane means.
The second point is that Groning simply said that he was sorry. Just as forced confessions were compelled from Germans by the Jewish victors of World War 2, so too they still compel contrived confessions as in the case of Groning. His apology is a non-confession confession – it says nothing of substance. In order to live out his last days in dignity, his defense team urged him to grovel before the Jewish controlled German courts.
The more interesting story about Auschwitz is not Groning, but the facts and details of the camp. It was not a death camp – it was a work camp where people from all ethnicities were placed to support Germany’s war effort after it was attacked by the Zionist controlled nations of the United Kingdom, USSR, and USA.
The official story about Auschwitz’ death toll has varied over the years. At one point the Polish government claimed that 4 million people died at Auschwitz – a number maintained for 50 years. Then it suddenly dropped 62.5% to 1.5 million deaths, and then most recently to 1.1 million people for a total shrinkage of 72.5%. The lies put forth to manufacture the Holocaust are preposterous.
The official story also maintains that 1.1 million people were funneled into a building the size of a 3 car garage where they were exterminated by bug spray, as historian Mike King put it. To put the number and logistics into perspective, King shows a picture of a stadium holding roughly 82,000 people, and placed the alleged gassing chambers next to the stadium to give readers a sense of the logistical impossibility of sending 13 times that number into the gas chamber to be killed with bug spray.
Then the Germans would have to remove the dead bodies to the crematoria, and then send them to a grave. Many researchers have demonstrated the impossibility of this feat, especially since Germany was desperately trying to stave off the advancing Jewish controlled armies on 2 fronts. The story is preposterous.
The deaths and deprivations at Auschwitz were real and they affected far more Gentiles than Jews. The main reason for the deplorable conditions in the camps was because the mass murderers Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin fire bombed Germans cities which disabled the ability of Germany to care for camp workers as scarce resources were sent to the devastated cities of Hamburg and Dresden.
The Holocaust is a lie invented by Satan and perpetuated by his followers. It is time for people of the world to wake up to critically challenge the emotional lies about Auschwitz and other concentration camps.
Mike King, HOLOHOAX MAGIC: FITTING 13 STADIUMS INTO 1 GARAGE,, nd, accessed 5/22/2016

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