Friday, May 13, 2016

Was Hitler a British Agent? Part 2

Was Hitler a British agent used to unleash on humanity the calamity known as World War 2? While we appreciate conspiracy analysts' recognition of the United Kingdom’s central role in starting the war, we cannot accept the claim that Hitler was one of that evil empire’s agents.
There are basically 2 forms of this theory, one of which we have dealt with previously. It states that Hitler was a mind controlled subject programmed at Tavistock to become the raving lunatic his detractors have portrayed him to be. This theory is full of holes and ultimately so much nonsense.
The second form of the British agent theory is that Hitler was a conscious and willing agent who sought to immolate the German people in an unwinnable war which furthered the aims of Britain’s imperial madmen.
The theory is rooted in certain relationships the Fuhrer cultivated with British agents such as William de Ropp, an obscure but very influential player in British foreign policy, who, according to the theory, acted as his handler. Proponents of this thesis argue that Hitler and his trusted aide Alfred Rosenberg shared far too much sensitive information with de Ropp to make Hitler anything less than an agent of the United Kingdom.
This analysis is faulty on a number of counts, but motivated from a number of misleading coincidences, the first of which is that Hitler was an admitted Anglophile who saw value in preserving the British Empire, especially if its leaders acquiesced to German interests on the Continent. Our point is that admiration for an institution does not make one an agent of the institution.
Furthermore, Hitler sought assiduously to avoid war with Britain through cultivation of influential Britons, such as those among the Cliveden Set, who thought that plunging the nation into another war was mad. Because de Ropp had access to these people, including the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who championed appeasement, it is no wonder that the Fuhrer sought to cultivate this relationship as a means of avoiding war. Wishing to avoid war with the United Kingdom does not make one an agent of the UK.
Chamberlain led a minority faction in Great Britain which sought to avoid war, but the Jewish Winston Churchill and his blood thirsty Zionist supporters were hell-bent on war. In fact Churchill stated that one of the goals of World War 2 was to wipe out the German people. This of course is the stated goal of Zionist Jewry which has worked tirelessly to wipe out all Christian peoples.
Churchill refused on numerous occasions to even consider Hitler’s numerous attempts for a negotiated settlement to the war – during both the Phony War as well as to hostilities which raged after the hot war started. It is exceedingly difficult – if not impossible – to think that someone treated so contemptuously could possibly be a British agent. Perhaps Hitler was a dupe who was played like a fiddle, but he certainly was no British agent. If he was, he was tossed away like so much trash.
The error of the British Agent theorists is that they have confused Hitler's anglophiliism with British agency. The acts of the British government demonstrate convincingly that it wanted to wipe out the Fuhrer and the German people. This is not how one treats a loyal agent.
The aristocracy of the United Kingdom are Satan worshipping scum who should be wiped off the face of the earth for all of the crimes they have committed against people groups and individuals. They, along with Franklin Roosevelt and Josef Stalin, all of whom were controlled by Jewish banksters, were the aggressors of World War 2. It was a grave error on Hitler’s part to think that he could trust a cabal of Satanists.
Henry Makow, Hitler's British Handler,, May 1, 2016, accessed 5/13/2016
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