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Butterdezillion Drops Fuddy Bombshells

Incendiary revelations in FOIA documents received by Butterdezillion prove that Loretta Fuddy was involved in a military operation driven by US intelligence at the time of her alleged death. Although the new revelations provide plausible consideration for her escape, we cautiously believe that Fuddy indeed died after her plane went down.Loretta Fuddy was the criminal director of the Hawaii Department of Health who certified the fraudulent birth certificate of Bari Malik Shabazz, otherwise known as Barack Obama. Her plane went down off the coast of Molokai on a return trip to Honolulu on December 11, 2013.Butterdezillion is a crack investigator who became involved in the plane crash when she realized that the official story produced by the government and CIA’s newsfakers such as CBS, Fox News, CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, and others didn’t match the facts. Her interviewer, Doug Hagmann, refused to reveal Butterdezillion’s name out of concern of retribution from US government thugs.For those unaware of the government’s assassination programs, we refer you to Shabazz’ use of drones in murdering US citizens, and the shocking revelations of Kay Griggs’ about her former husband, a USMC colonel, who headed many assassination operations against US citizens.The first problem with Fuddy’s death is that the nature of the landing does not explain her “death,” especially since all other passengers survived. As Hagmann noted during the interview, car drivers go over rougher potholes than the impact the plane suffered when hitting the water.Even more damning is the refusal of the State of Hawaii, run by organized crime, to issue an unredacted death certificate of Fuddy – an ironic juxtaposition with Shabazz’ refusal to release his birth certificate. In fact, the redactions on the death certificate are so severe and extensive that its release must have concealed significant evidence of murder.
The basic question is why would a state refuse to release a death certificate of a public official? The answer is obvious to anyone with an IQ above a potato – to conceal either a crime or an elaborate escape, making the government of Hawaii an accessory or co-conspirator to murder.
Butterdezillion recounts the story of a Coast Guard officer who claimed that he left Fuddy in the water because she was unresponsive and protocol demanded that he move to other casualties. As expected, the Coast Guard spokesman was lying, as Butterdezillion’s research in the accident protocol handbook clearly stated the opposite of what the liar in the Coast Guard announced.
But why would the Coast Guard lie about its protocols for triage of accident victims? Long time readers of these Chronicles will recall our coverage of the US Coast Guard’s escorting of drugs into the United States. As another arm of organized crime, the US Coast Guard is trained to lie and to cover-up the drug running in which it is involved. Lying to cover-up a murder is simply part of daily duty.
But the lies of the US Coast Guard are only the tip of the iceberg. The Honolulu Control Center – the air traffic controllers – were warned at the start of the day that there would be a US military special operation in the area of the plane crash between 3:00 – 4:00 PM local Hawaii time.Fuddy’s plane went down at 3:27 PM local time in the exact sector where US military operations were conducted. At 3:27-28 PM, the air traffic controllers received notification that the “area had gone cold,” meaning that US military elements had left the area.The most reasonable explanation for the alert is that US military – possibly SEALs or JSOC – forces had been deployed to the waters where the plane landed. Of course this means that the Air Force and Navy were most likely involved. Butterdezillion has noted in her extensive studies of the crime scene that extra people and equipment than were on the plane are identified in the film taken by passengers.Yet that is not all that our investigator has uncovered. The FOIA documents she received – as extensively redacted as they were – revealed that an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) was heard by multiple aircraft pilots up to 4 minutes prior to the crash, starting at 3:23 PM. This staged ELT was either initiated by Fuddy’s pilot, or planted by the assassination squad.
Butterdezillion’s professional contacts assure her that the impact of hitting the water as the aircraft did would not be sufficient to trigger the ELT. Thus it was deliberately started to deceive investigators or to provide plausible affirmation of a crash.An astonishing revelation which caused Hagmann to lose his composure on air was Butterdezillion’s report from the FAA denying some of her requests because it had destroyed documents. The brazen criminality of the FAA should surprise no one as it was the element which Richard Nixon used to cover up the murder of Dorothy Hunt in her fake plane crash. The agency has a long and practiced history in crime, including obstruction of justice. It no longer even makes up stories about losing documents. It simply announces that it destroys them.
Butterdezillion noted that the number of people involved in the cover-up of this crime, as well as other aspects of Shabazz’ criminal past, is staggering. The number of traitors in America following the Satanic Rockefellers has tipped past the point of no return.
While the evidence provided to date in the Fuddy death could be construed as an evacuation of the criminal and former public health director, as was the case with Barbara Olson during 9/11’s faked airplane attack on the Pentagon, we still believe that she was murdered due to her knowledge of the CIA’s Manchurian Candidate, Bari Shabazz. Having served the purpose of certifying a forged document, her services were no longer needed. Good riddance.

ReferenceButterdezillion, Interview with Doug Hagmann, accessed on Youtube 7/16/14

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