Friday, July 25, 2014

Connecting the Dots - MH17 and MH370

If you thought it mere coincidence that US and Israeli intelligence forces hijacked and shot down 2 Malaysian airliners, we propose another theory which links the 2 as part of Israel's ongoing genocide against humanity.

Jim Fetzer, editor of Veterans Today, just published commentary indicating that flight MH17 - the one which Mossad and US intelligence forces shot out of the sky over the Ukraine on July 17, 2014 - was actually full of cadavers.

Since we know that US and Israeli intelligence forces hijacked flight MH370, we suspect that they placed the cadavers from that flight on MH17 as a way to dispose of bodies. It is altogether likely that additional persons were murdered before and during flight take off.

The best evidence points to a Ukrainian SU25 firing a missile at the MH17, or a bomb exploding onboard the civilian aircraft for which the bomber was a backup, or a combination of the two.

The Jews have a strong hatred for the Malaysians who have offended their sense of racial superiority, and have targeted them for special vengeance until they cry uncle.

Dutch newspapers blared the following day for an attack on Russia, an obvious tipoff that that the Dutch government was part of the false flag operation to vilify Russia, and ignite another war on the 100th anniversary of World War 1.

Another reason for the MH370 hijacking was to frame the Iranians so that the vile Israeli government would attack Iran over the false stories about its non-existent nuclear weapons program.
As Fetzer noted, the plutocrats who rule the world are getting desperate for death, but we believe that he misdiagnoses the situation - at least in part. While he maintains that the West is imploding economically, a point with which we agree, the oligarchs have planned this situation as a pretext for war. Thus we do not see them as desperate economically - rather their plans proceed apace.
If the oligarchs are desperate, it is because people are aware of their criminality which might lead to loss of power - not because their Western economic base is crumbling. They have fabulous wealth which cannot be counted.
The Satan worshipping oligarchs - the Rockefeller Nazis, the Bush Crime Syndicate, the Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grovers, Hollywood elite, and myriad other Ziocon Rothschild organizations - are desperate to destroy as much of humanity as possible. This is the reason why they have filled underground cities with massive quantities of food under the pretext of Continuity of Government.
We remind voters in this election year that if you vote Democrat or Republican, you are voting for the New World Order, and all of the death and destruction which the Ziocon Rothschild oligarchs can serve up.
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