Saturday, July 5, 2014

State of California Uses Massive Violence on Unarmed Citizen

California Highway Patol man slugs unarmed woman
In a shocking video which has gone viral on YouTube, a California Highway Patrol officer is shown beating the living crap out of a middle aged black woman near a California highway in Los Angeles. The CHP defends the vicious assault and has announced no actions against the police thug.
On July 1, 2014, a woman walking along a busy Los Angeles freeway was ordered to stop by a CHP officer, but she refused by walking away from him toward the median. The burly 250 pound police thug flew into a rage, threw the unarmed woman to the ground, and assaulted her with repeated hard blows to the head.
When the CHP discovered the video by accident, it shoved out some of its well trained liars to make a fuss about the launch of a "thorough investigation," but the careful language plainly implied that no actions would be taken against the officer, and that they would sweep it under the rug as soon as the public's attention span expired.

CBS News in Los Angeles didn't even have the moral capacity to opine whether the officer "crossed the line," stating that it was unclear and too ambiguous, following the cue from the CHP's spokesman Chris O'Quinn. The video is thoroughly unmistakable in documenting the rage the officer was in as he pummeled the living daylights out of the woman for refusing to leave the highway. We wonder what would have happened to her if she had called him a pig.
The CHP claimed that the reason the officer wanted the woman off the freeway was for her safety, which required that he beat the crap out of her - so that she would be safe.
The woman who was being "safeguarded" by the police was taken to the hospital where we suspect that she will be murdered unless she loses all mental capacity to be a legal threat to the CHP.
Unfortunately we fear for David Diaz, the man who captured the vicious assault on his cellular phone, since we are certain that the CHP, working with powers in the state of California, and the Eric Holder justice department, will murder him as well.
Events such as these are common in America, especially in Dallas, where its police department was heavily involved in the murders of President John F Kennedy, Lee Oswald, and J D Tippit, among many others who threated to speak the truth about the coup.
Arkansas police are well known for murdering victims such as Don Henry and Kevin Ives, while the mayor of Peoria, Illinois uses his police force as a gestapo force to terrorize citizens of the city with physical violence. The police department of Santa Fe blew the brains out of a homeless man, from behind, because the unarmed frail man was a threat to the police.

Alex Jones reported that a team of heavily armed SWAT agents in Missouri busted down the door of an elderly woman, threw her to the ground, along with her young grandson, and threatened to blow her brains out if she dared so much as move her fingers. Her offense was being late on mortgage payment, but she owned her property free and clear.
But the Nazi thugs of California are well versed violence, as the Rodney King tactics have been brought to bear on an unarmed woman. A fellow criminal helped handcuff her. Had he not arrived, would the rageful officer have blown out her brains, claiming that it was a suicide?

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