Thursday, July 3, 2014

Three Reasons to Annihilate the State of Israel

Although the Western press, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Central Intelligence Agency, has lied egregiously about Islamic views on Israel, we mince no words in arguing that the state of Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth.
We are unaware of any truthful translation of official Arab statements calling for the annihilation of Israel. However, they are remiss in not rallying for such an action. Our condemnations of Israel are 3 fold. Israel and Jews fabricated the Holocaust Hoax. Israel, Mossad, and its sock puppet, the CIA, murdered President Kennedy. The Israelis, Mossad, and CIA destroyed the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 with a generous use of nuclear weapons.
We know that “Evangelical” Christians would be aghast if they were to ever read anything so strident as this essay, because after all, the Jews are God’s chosen people. God has a plan for Israel without doubt, but his plan destroyed them in 70 AD, and he has no glorification for them until he personally restores their kingdom. In the meantime, the Ziocons have been a gross malignancy on this planet.
We note that most who say they are Jews are not, as the Apostle John warned. We do not have space to rehearse the genetic fallacies regarding the current people who claim to be descendants from David, but most of the “Jews” in Israel are Khazars. Nonetheless we will use common nomenclature to refer to these people.
In modern times Jewish thought and intellectual endeavors have been devoted to spawning genocidal ideologies, whether they take the form of Rationalism, Communism, Marxism, Nazism, or any other ism which is targeted like a computer virus to demolish its host. All of these so-called intellectual movements have been the byproduct of Ziocon banksters who fund these pernicious movements at the behest of the Rothschilds and their syndicate of hangers-on such as the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Each of these movements is controlled by Ziocon banksters in order take down societies and nations, wherein the ultimate culmination exploded into World War 2 which provided the impetus to establish the state of Israel based upon the outlandish lie that the Nazis murdered 6,000,000 Jews. We and others have shown elsewhere that this claim is ludicrous.
One of the side goals of World War 2 was the destruction of Germany, a task Jews started during World War 1 when they tried to claim that the Kaiser murdered 6,000,000 Jews. As you can see, as with the Satanic Star of David, with its 3 sixes, so the fixation on 6,000,000 murdered Jews.
Our main point is that Nazism was a Ziocon movement to create total war and destruction, and to create the Rothschild controlled state of Israel.
When President Kennedy refused to give Israel nuclear weapons, the murderer David Ben-Gurion, flying into a rage, either instigated or joined the CIA plot to murder Kennedy. We have covered the evidence elsewhere of major Israeli complicity in the murder of Kennedy, but Jack Rubenstein and Meyer Lansky were not part of the plot in random acts of malice. Nor was it any accident that James Jesus Angleton, who planned Oswald’s murder, just so happened to work for Mossad.
Kennedy showed excellent judgment in refusing to share American technology with Israel, for 40 years later they would use nuclear weapons to destroy the World Trade Center. The evidence is abundant and clear that the WTC buildings were decimated by nuclear weapons, most likely decommissioned Soviet nuclear devices.
Jews everywhere were ebullient at the destruction in New York City because they knew they had a hook in the jowls of the American giant who would implement the Jewish genocide of Arabs - just as they tried against the Germans - in the Middle East. The Presbyterian Church, USA’s decision to divest of Israeli stocks was recognition of the inhumane treatment the Jews give the Arabs.
The use of nuclear weapons on New York City was only a start as the IDF and US troops would use them on Arabs in the Middle East, a fact which Veteran’s Today reported this year. These weapons were used in the Lebanon invasion as well as the American Iraqi war started under false pretenses by the Bush Ziocons.
We would go a step further by stating that nearly all of the violence in the Middle East is started and fueled by the CIA and Israel. The butcher of Baghdad Ariel Sharon even admitted that he murdered Jews in order to rally American and world opinion in actions against the Arabs.
Given the wars started by Ziocon banksters, the hideous lie about the Holocaust, the murder of President Kennedy, and the nuclear attacks on New York City, we have provided not merely 3 reasons to annihilate Israel, but included a bonus reason. These thugs must be stopped now; American patriotism demands it.

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