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Solving the MH17 Flight Mystery

Another explosive revelation in Veterans Today by senior editor Gordon Duff provides a missing piece to the destruction of Malaysian Airline flight MH17, which was shot out of the air on July 17, 2014 while flying over Ukraine, yet still leaves at least one major unanswered question regarding the nature of the crime.
Duff reveals that an Israeli company, ICTS, founded by former Shin Bet members, placed a bomb on the airliner prior to its departure from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam as part of an elaborate false flag operation to implicate Russia in a pretext for war.
Shin Bet is Israel's terrorist organization specializing in murder and creating terrorist events which it blames on another party. In its early days it focused on Arabs, but over the years it has spread its wings around the globe.
For those who doubt our claims, we point our readers to former Israeli prime minister and mass murderer Ariel Sharon's admission to a news reporter in 1983 that he killed Jews in order to rally international support for Israel because he could always blame it on the Arabs.
The evidence pouring in regarding MH17 has allowed investigators to piece together a plausible explanation of what happened to the flight. Much of the evidence is negative and forged, including the film of the crash site upon which the US Secretary of State and Skull & Bones loyalist John Kerry relied.
Large sections of the plane have been found in conditions without evidence of missile attack, leading independent investigators with aviation experience to recognize that the plane was torn apart at 33,000 feet, a distance too far for the alleged BUK anti-aircraft missiles. There simply are no forensic evidences of destruction by missile.
This also means that the Ukrainian SU25 fighter jet which was following the civilian aircraft was either doing so as a backup murderer in the event that the bomb failed to explode, or as a videographer of the event so that appropriate lies could be told about the destruction of the plane. Intelligence organizations use these films for planning future murders.
We reported that Veterans Today editor Jim Fetzer suggested that the plane was full of dead bodies before the bomb detonated, a supposition which has not been repudiated by the evidence. We await further reports on the bodies to formally conclude that cadavers were part of the operation. As we surmised recently, these bodies would be those of the MH370 hijacked by the US in March.
Another problem for the terrorists is that the heavy pieces of aircraft debris, such as engines, have not left any noticeable impact on ground. For our readers familiar with physics, distance displaced equals 1/2 gt^2. Since we are old fashioned we will stick with the English measurement system to calculate the time of descent. We are also not considering airing resistance. From 33,000 feet, the plane and its parts would require roughly 45 seconds for impact - certainly for the engine.
Its velocity at the time of impact would be about 1453 ft/sec which is about 990 miles per hour. The weight of the GE90 engine is very roughly 7550 kg or 16640 pounds. This means that the force at impact was about 740,000 kN. For those not familiar with this measurement, think of it as a smallish meteor impact. Then ask yourself why there are no craters where the engine allegedly crashed.
What these forensic data show is that Ukraine thugs under American or Israeli direction hauled some airplane debris to the alleged crash site. Most likely the flight MH370 plane was disassembled for use in this hoax.
So while we believe that the MH17 was blown out of the sky by an ICTS bomb under US and Israeli management, we believe that the crash site has been massively fabricated to provide whatever additional lies the situation required.
As we have noted, the aerial assault by the US, Israel, and Ukraine had multiple purposes, one of which was to foment war in Ukraine between Russia and NATO, as these genocidal freaks would like to relive World War 1 to realize their population reduction goals. The other purpose was to distract people from the barbaric, genocidal Jewish assault on Gaza. These mass murderers will not rest until they have wiped out every Arab in the Middle East or made them Jewish slaves. If you don't believe the unquenchable hatred of Jews for everyone on the planet, search some of our older articles which quote leading Jewish rabbis and philosophers on the status of gentiles.
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