Monday, July 21, 2014

Understanding the MH17 False Flag Attack

The attack on the Malaysian civilian aircraft carrying flight MH17 on July 17, 2014 was not conducted by Russia, but by American-Israeli terrorists in order to provoke another war in Europe.
It seems the Malaysians cannot escape the murdering Israelis who, with American help, hijacked the MH370 earlier this year in a failed attempt to attack Iran in another one of its genocidal rampages.
When the Jews discovered that they could not start another Middle Eastern war with Iran, they turned their anger on Ukraine and Gaza. Simultaneously the Jews launched a murderous attack on the unarmed Gaza population in their quest for more bloodshed, while at the same time stirring up trouble in Europe.
In order to distract attention for their brutalities in Gaza, they cooperated with the United States and its NATO sock puppets to escalate the war in Ukraine. Apparently the Satan worshipping Ziocons want to commemorate World War 1 with a centennial war in Europe.
The recent episode of attacking an unarmed civilian plane to provoke war is an old trick out of the CIA-MOSSAD handbook. The Jews bombed the King David Hotel in 1946 to provoke hostilities. As recently as the first Lebanese war, the butcher of Baghdad, Ariel Sharon, admitted that he killed Jews in order to garner international sympathy for Israel.
According to reports in Veterans Today, a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet tracked the Malaysian flight up to moments prior to its destruction. At the same time, Veterans Today reported that radar activity of Ukrainian military units increased 200-300% within 2-3 days of the attack, and then promptly subsided to very little after the Ukrainians shot down the plane.

We conclude that the SU-25 fired the missile which blew up the plane, or was a backup in case a bomb on the plane failed to damage the airliner.
While the Ziocon press states that a BUK missile blew up the Boeing, the capabilities of that system are not sufficient to the task, nor explains the known damage which occurred to the plane. Thus we conclude that the Ukrainian government, acting under orders from the Ziocons, murdered the passengers as a contrived casus belli.
The murderers in Washington are rabidly desperate for war in Europe, the NATO colony of the Netherlands' newspapers calling for an attack on Russia. The childishness of the Ziocon temper tantrum would be laughable if they weren't murdering people.
There is also a question about whether or not the attack on the MH17 was actually a failed attempt to blow out of the sky Russian president Vladimir Putin. His presidential plane was flying near the Malaysian aircraft, and our suspicion is that the Ziocons wanted to murder him.
If the Ziocons were not targeting Putin, the Malaysian Boeing may have been attacked because that nation refuses to bow to the murderers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
There are more details to be discovered in this aggression by the Ziocons, but war is definitely the prime motive for the attack.
Ukrainian Su-25 fighter approached MH17, Veterans Today, July 21, 2014, accessed 7/21/2014
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