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High Ranking US Politicians Still Running Omaha Pedophilia Ring

We reported a few years ago the real story behind the 1989 FBI raid on Franklin Community Federal Credit Union which engulfed its director, black Republican star Larry King, and nearly enflamed the White House when Craig Spence was murdered. We opined at the time that the crimes continued, with recent evidence vindicating that conclusion.
As a very quick recap for those new to the case, we recall the Savings and Loan scandals which involved 5 prominent US politicians including Vietnam War traitor and US presidential aspirant John McCain, and Senator Charles Keating, who were engaged in embezzling money from Savings and Loans, including Lincoln Savings and Loan Association.
Much of the crime was related to “national security” in which the CIA laundered money from its many drug centers, including Mena, AK over which Bill Clinton presided, and in which the hapless Barry Seal was murdered by the Bush Crime Syndicate in a desperate attempt to keep a lid on the scandals.
But it was a pedophilic homosexual prostitution ring which touched a raw nerve among Omaha’s powerful Republicans and those in Washington. Lest our dear reader think that we are picking on Republicans, and we certainly are, we point out that prominent Democrats also were in bed, literally so in some cases, with the Republicans on this matter, including retired Congressman and pedophile Barney Frank.
When the FBI raided the FCFCU, it was not to clamp down on financial crime, but to haul off mounds and mounds of pornography collected by King, who may have been viewed as a risk to “national security” if not to the careers and reputations of George Bush, Sr and his HUD secretary Jack Kemp, who would later die of AIDS.
We were prompted to resume coverage of this story due to 2 recent articles which crossed our desk, one from Robert Morrow, and another from Stew Webb writing in Veterans Today about the same elements from the Savings and Loan embezzlements involved in Satanic rituals.
The purpose of the pedophilia ring was not only to gratify prominent politicians, but also to find victims for child sacrifice, many of whom have and continue to die in Omaha, the bastion of billionaire Warren Buffet whom we believe is intimately involved in these rituals there and at Bohemian Grove. Many of our attentive readers will recall our coverage of Johnny Gosch, who was abducted from his paper route in the early 1980s in Iowa, and then reappeared in the Bush, Jr White House as a prostitute masquerading as the ace reporter Jeff Gannon.
Although the victims of Lincoln, NE were legion, one in particular stands out, investigator Gary Caradori who was appointed to investigate the Savings and Loan scandals by Nebraska’s legislature when the FBI pulled out all stops to shut it down. In the end, the FBI prevailed when it blew up the plane Caradori and his 12 year old son were riding to Chicago on July 11, 1990. Caradori had photographic evidence, probably from the FCFCU archive, showing Bush and other politicians in flagrante delicto, or in more blunt language, having sex with children.
Further cementing Bush’s homosexual pedophilia is the story from Robert Morrow about prominent Houston gay activist Ray Hill’s knowledge of then US Congressman George Bush who took a Latino boy to the Carousel Motel in Houston, TX for frequent sexual intercourse. Interestingly enough, Jack Ruby’s night club was named the Carousel, and George Bush used Cubans in his murder of President Kennedy.
Although the 1960s is 50 years ago, and the Franklin case is over 25 years old, the pedophilia ring involving the Bushes, Warren Buffet, and CFR publisher of the Omaha World Herald, Harold Andersen, is still going strong. One of its members, US Senate candidate Ben Sasse, instigated an ethics investigation using the obscure and rarely enforced Hatch Act which forced Carol Stitt, director of the Nebraska Foster Care Review Board, from her position of protecting foster children from their powerful predators, after 29 years of dedicated service.
Sasse was one of 4 proctors of the Congressional Page program during 1996-98 when Jim Kolbe and Mark Foley were caught in their harassment of male pages. If Nebraskans elect Sasse to any office, including dog catcher, it will prove that they are dumber than a box of rocks, or complicit in pedophilia. The politicians we have named are but the very top snowflake on a glacier of criminal politicians.
One of the lessons in this vast criminal conspiracy is that conspiracy never dies and goes away, as many na├»ve folks think. The Kennedy assassination conspiracies continue, and so do the pedophilia rings running out Omaha. Remember all of those milk cartons from the 1970s and 80s showing missing kids? They were abducted for pimping and child sacrifice – dying some of the most horrific deaths one can imagine.
Robert Morrow, Wayne Madsen: the FBI murdered Franklin pedophile ring investigator Gary Caradori on July 11, 1990, email list, June 22, 2014

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