Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Killed Officer J. D. Tippit?

The highly flawed and criminal Warren Commission Report stated that not only had Lee Oswald murdered the President but that he also murdered Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit. But is there evidence for this assertion which would stand up in a court of law? Unless the court is made up of corrupt, accessories-after-the-fact jurists as composed the Warren Commission, then the answer to that question is emphatically no.

Absolutely no legally sustainable evidence has been produced placing Oswald in the presence of Tippit. The Warren commission made up a fictitious timeline to fabricate a story about Oswald leaving the Texas Book Depository immediately after the assassination so that he could be placed in the Texas Theater at the required time.

Reality contradicts the lies of the Warren Commission. In the first place, witness Acquilla Clemons witnessed two men who murdered Tippit. She said, ‘One was “kind of heavy” and the other “was tall and thin and wore light khaki trousers and white shirt,”’ according to Mark Lane’s rendition of her testimony used for one of his documentary films. After the murder, she said that the two men ran in opposite directions – an observation supported by other eye witnesses.

Four bullets of two manufactures matching the 4 bullets recovered from his body were eventually discovered by the police. Of course the Warren Commission could not be bothered with inconvenient evidence, so they dismissed Clemons’ testimony as “Speculations and Rumors.”

For her important witness, the Dallas Police Department sent two of its uniformed armed thugs to her house to threaten her with silence. They warned her that if she talked to the Warren Commission she ‘”might get killed.”’ So perhaps the Commission did her a favor by not calling her to testify.

The other nail in the coffin of the Warren Commission’s Tippit Theory is the testimony of decorated and highly promoted Dallas deputy sheriff Roger Craig whom the CIA murdered prior to his testimony to the House Select Committee on Assassinations on May 15, 1975.

Craig had observed Oswald leaving the TSBD in light colored Nash Rambler belonging to Mrs. Paine approximately 15 minutes after the assassination - completely obliterating the Warren Commission’s fantasy timeline for Oswald. With that timeline in tatters, so is the supposition that Oswald could be where he was asserted to be at the time he was asserted to be for the murder of Tippit.

Finally, corroborating information about a double Oswald comes from two men covered in JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglass. One, a mechanic, T. F. White working for Mack Pate Garage, spotted the double Oswald in a red Falcon sitting in the parking lot of El Chico’s restaurant across the street from the auto shop where he worked. The alert mechanic wrote down the license plate number - after getting a full frontal view of the Oswald impersonator - which traced back to a CIA high tech communications manufacturer's Plymouth. When subpoenaed to appear before the House Select Committee on Assassinations some 15 years later, Carl Amos Mather - the owner of the vehicle and Collins Radio which later merged with Rockwell International - refused to do so without total immunity from prosecution.

That same faux Oswald was seen on a flight from Dallas later that afternoon by Air Force Staff Sergeant Robert Vinson. He was told he could board a just arriving plane from Andrews Air Force Base on 11/22. Unfortunately for the CIA, Vinson was an accidental passenger. When the plane landed in Dallas, instead of Colorado Springs after the pilot announced the shooting of President Kennedy at 12:29p, it was on a sandy air strip just south of Dallas – still visible from across the river. Two men boarded – one whom Vinson told his wife later that weekend looked just like Oswald whom he had seen on TV during the coverage of the assassination.

One of the men was a tall Latino and the other was an Oswald twin. Thus these two men match the two men whom Ms. Clemmons had witnessed murdering J. D. Tippit. Vinson was able to confirm, from a retired USAF Major who had flown over 100 flights on similar C-54s, that plane he flew on was indeed a CIA plane.

With the heavy preponderance of evidence in favor of Lee Oswald, we conclude emphatically that he did not kill J. D. Tippit. Tippit's murderer is the man Clemmons and Vinson saw - a man initimately associated with the CIA and most likely a CIA agent.

Last Word, Mark Lane
JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, James Douglass

Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

Do you think there is any merit to what James Files says about the man he says killed Tippet? Hw credible is Files?

Tony Bonn said...

it has been so long since i read any of dankbar's material on files that i have forgotten what he said about tippit's murderer. in general i don't give him much, if any, credulence.

we published another article in january 2013 developing the tippit murder further. he was murdered by the oswald double whom sgt vinson saw on the cia transport and who was seen by another witness near the scene of the crime who corresponds well with vinson's oswald. we speculate that it may have been billy lovelady.

in any event, no ifs, ands or buts, oswald did not murder tippit.

Tony Bonn said...

the lovelady speculation was just as flawed as the warren commission report although he participated in the cover up and obstruction of justice.

it turns out that tippits' murderers were legion, including the dallas police department. however the trigger puller may be roscoe white and another accomplice. we are still attempting to resolve identities of the murderer.

Jacob Jones said...

Why did Oswald discard his jacket?..

Tony Bonn said...

Oswald did not discard his jacket. it was planted at the tippit murder scene by the killers, which included dallas police. we published an article covering that very question which I believe was "40 minutes which sealed a lie".

we have learned a great deal more about this case while attending the jfk lancer conference in dallas this weekend. there is much more to tell. we will publish as soon as possible.

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