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Rose Cheramie and the Prolepsis of Murder in Dallas

Thanks to Oliver Stone’s JFK, most Americans know the story of Rose Cheramie, the witness to the Unspeakable, as James Douglass put it, who foretold the assassination of John Kennedy on November 22, 1963. We never tire of telling the truth, so we offer an abbreviated version of her story for those new to the case.

Rose Cheramie, aka Melba Christine Marcades, was a heroin addict and probable prostitute who had become involved with two Cubans, Sergio Arcacha Smith and Emilio Santana who were anti Castro CIA employees who were recruited by the agency in 1962.

These two men worked with Mac Manual, owner of the Silver Slipper Lounge, which doubled as a house of prostitution. Manual and these two men were engaged in transporting prostitutes into Florida and supporting various CIA schemes.

She had left with Smith and Santana from Miami to Dallas where she was scheduled to pick up a shipment of heroin from a seaman in Galveston, TX. She had a falling out with them at the Silver Slipper Lounge in Eunice, LA on November 20th, where she had been hit by a car after which she was taken to Moosa Hospital following her discovery on the road.

LT Francis Fuge accompanied her in the ambulance to East Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson where she was treated for abrasions and heroin withdrawal.

She repeated the story she told Fruge en route the hospital that the men with whom she had travelled planned to kill Kennedy. Unfortunately no one took the addict seriously until after the murder of the president.

When Fruge questioned her at the hospital on 11/25, he obtained details which he was able to corroborate – such as the heroin pickup from a seaman coming into Galveston. After confirmation, Fruge contacted Captain Will Fritz of the Dallas Police Department as well as the FBI. Neither agency were interested in his leads, so he let her go.

Fruge discovered that Cheramie worked for Jack Ruby and that Ruby and Oswald had known each other for years. This eye witness to the relationship completely obliterates the Warren Commission’s assertion that there was no relationship between the two men. Furthermore, Smith worked with David Ferrie training Cubans for the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

On September 4, 1965, Rose Cheramie’s body was found 1.7 miles outside of Big Sandy, TX on Hwy 155 by Jerry Don Moore whose vehicle was slowed down by a trail of suitcases leading to Cheramie’s body lying perpendicular to the road. Investigating officer J. A. Andrews made the initial report but closed the case claiming that no family members were interested in follow-up. He claimed that the cause of death was due to head injuries from the road accident.

When District Attorney Jim Garrison investigated Clay Shaw’s involvement with the murder of the President, he uncovered this witness and her Glade Hospital records which indicated a “deep stellate punctate wound” which is a text book case of a bullet wound. When Garrison attempted to exhume the body for corroboration, the local Texas authorities refused.

Thus we witness a police officer of Big Sandy was involved in the cover-up of a witness to the crime of the century, as were the Texas officials who blocked the exhumation of Cherie’s body in the pursuit of justice. More appallingly, the FBI and the Dallas Police Department were equally complicit in the cover-up of a presidential murder by refusal to follow-up with a credible witness who could easily identify at least two of the perpretrators.

It is without doubt that Cheramie was murdered to continue the cone of silence around the presidential assassins.

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, James Douglass 

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