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Is James Buckley a Murderer?

Two deaths which shocked Washington, D. C. on September 18, 1976 were the murders of Ronni Moffitt, a 25 year old American, and Orlando Letelier, the foreign minister of the Allende government ousted by a CIA coup in 1973, both of whom were assassinated in the nation’s capitol. The two murders were quickly swept under the rug by the CIA, but the reason for doing so is rather shocking. There is strong evidence that James Buckley (b. 1923), brother of former CIA agent William Buckley (1925 – 2008), and a retired federal judge, ordered and managed the murders of these two individuals.

The Buckley family has deep oil and intelligence ties converging in its Pantepec Oil Company which moved from Mexico following revolution of 1917 to Venezuelan oil fields. William Buckley, a Yale graduate who started his neo-con National Review as a means to further CIA interests, was an admitted CIA agent who maintained a very close friendship with E Howard Hunt, the infamous paymaster in the John Kennedy murder.

It is also noteworthy that both William Buckley and George Bush were close friends as one would expect of two Skull and Bones alumni.

The CIA, whose director at the time was George Bush, swung into action when DINA, the intelligence arm of the brutal Pinochet regime of Chile, informed him that it was the perpetrator of the two murders. Mark Lane reports in his book, Last Word, that Jeremiah O’Leary of the Washington Star, and William Buckley lead the misinformation campaign denying any connection between the Pinochet regime and the assassinations.

As fate would have it, new information about the case emerged from Michael Townley, a former DINA agent with CIA contacts, who admitted as part of a plea bargain that he had been a professional assassin for DINA and that he and others had murdered Moffitt and Letelier. Furthermore, Guillermo Novo, an assassin in the Kennedy murder, testified in court that Townley was a CIA contract murderer, which agency was behind the murders.

Lane also reports that the plea bargain stipulated that the Department of Justice omit any public reference to Chile and DINA in the two slayings. However, the real cover-up involved testimony by FBI Special Agent Larry Wack who described the steps which Townley took when he arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport in preparation for his assignment.

The itinerary included a stop at 500 Fifth Avenue, in New York City, on the 41st floor which was the office of a New York US senator who happened to be James Buckley. Townley and Novo were accompanied by the latter’s cousin, William Sampol. All three convicted murderers were in the presence of their employer James Buckley, yet the United State Attorney’s Office refused to follow up on the information.

We believe that the CIA drenched Buckleys both had knowledge of and primary responsibility for the murder of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt, an allegation for which criminal charges and prosecution should be pursued.

Last Word, Mark Lane

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