Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Rosetta Stone To American History, Part 3

In our previous postings, we pointed out that bankers established the intelligence infrastructure to track their loans to clients – an infrastructure whose methods became an organic part of statecraft. We also noted some key events from the late 19th to early 21st centuries which were the deeds of intelligence operations, now ostensibly under state control but in reality under the control of the plutocrats. We now wish to focus on a key event of the 20th century whose practice continues and which perfectly expresses the Hegelian dialectical process of divide and conquer. That event is the Cold War.

To the typical uncritically accepting person, the cold war was a bitter battle of good and evil – a point which Ronald Reagan attempted to make as he so labeled the Evil Empire. To someone who understands the great power structures in this world, it was nothing of the sort. Rather, it was a cunning conflict of thesis and antithesis in which the Soviet system fought the American system. But the surprising aspect is that a single power source established and controlled both systems.

For those who have been following us, the name Antony Sutton will be a familiar friend. He did great research into the technical transfers from West to East which enabled the Soviets to continue the arms race. Sutton documents how the Wall Street financial elite supported and bankrolled the Bolshevik revolution in order to wrest control of the vast mineral – but particularly oil – riches of Russia.

Other writers have noted that the Czars were not friendly – even hostile – to the fiat, centrally managed currency regime of the international bankers. As such he had to be removed from power.

Starting in the 1917 at the latest, Anglo-American financial and industrial interests promoted the Soviet experiment. As an experiment, the banksters wanted to know how a totalitarian regime would work. Indeed Sutton demonstrates how they financed Hitler beginning as early as 1922.

How does one explain these actions from a group of people who are known as capitalists? These people, as Aaron Russo noted in his jaw dropping interview with Alex Jones, are not normal. Russo related various stories about his friendship with Nick Rockefeller which painted them as sociopathic, if not psychopathic, people whose view of others is as master to slave. They see themselves as Jedi Master of the Universe Gods whose role is to regiment society to serve their financial interests. But wealth is not their end goal – that is too trivial. Their real aim is total domination of society and the world.

One other consideration motivating these people is paranoia. As we previously noted, certain legislative efforts such as the Sherman Anti Trust act, progressive taxation, and other instruments of leveling leave the plutocrats living in a constant state of fear – as though having 10 billion instead of 20 billion would leave them impoverished and disgraced. Noblesse Oblige in not found in their lexicons. Whenever they are found giving money, it is always to advance some statist totalitarian scheme such as Planned Parenthood which is a eugenicist’s fantasy.

Sutton’s interest was first piqued by his observation that Ford trucks were being used by the North Vietnamese against American soldiers. After considerable research, he discovered that Ford was actively transferring technology and capital to the USSR who in turn supplied the North Vietnamese with these and other armaments. His work issued forth in a three volume trilogy documenting technology transfers from the earliest days of the Soviet Union.

China is no different from the case with Europe. Truman stood down when he was able to arm Chiang Kai-shek in 1948-9. Kai-shek was extremely problematic as an ally, but if Communism were truly the threat, then common cause could have been found. However, the Wall Street banksters wanted another totalitarian experiment and did not want a credible threat to its designs in South East Asia.

Fast forward several decades to the great détente where we find a renascent China which everyone fears as did commentators the Japanese in the 1980s. What few understand is that American and other Western concerns own the bulk of the manufacturing base in China. Thus those great trade deficits are of no consequence to the plutocrats. Wall Street loves slave labor – hence the impoverishment of China was a necessary pre-requisite to move Western factories en masse to China.

Bill Clinton and GM transferred significant missile technology to China in the 1990s.

We believe that it is reasonably evident, and with substantial documentation to see that Wall Street has funded each of the significant totalitarian movements of our time, whether in Europe of Asia. These plans have allowed them to experiment with different degrees of repression, divide and conquor peoples, and maintain a frenzied fear of the Red Menace, or in the modern idiom the War on Terror.

Maintenance of paranoia is essential for extracting exorbitant taxes to fuel the Military Industrial Complex and the great wealth which flows to these merchants of death.

With extremely broad impressionist brush strokes, we have painted a picture where Wall Street and CIA interests intersecting in the great Military Industrial Complex rule the world and stage events to create certain outcomes desirable for concentrating power into the hands of the few, with an army of sycophants all too ready to serve as ants in this great colonial system.

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Anonymous said...

Chiang Kai-shek never had the support of the mass of peasants, as Mao had, so he was doomed to failure. General Stilwell knew this, as did sophisticates at the State Department, before many of them were axed during Senator Joe McCarthy's anti-communist witch hunt. I feel that this fact needs to be included and not overlooked by historians trying to understand the dynamics of the Chinese situation of the 1940's and 50's. The Rockefellers were backers of Chaing Kai-shek, incidentally. You cannot blame the Chinese for hating the West, after the colonial powers used the opium wars (which they instigated) to gain control of the Chinese, a once proud and great empire that pre-dated modern Europe. The Boxer Rebellion was the last straw. Mao appealed to the Chinese if for no other reason than the fact that he represented the anti-Western alternative. While WW2 went on, Mao was held in check (no pun intended). But as soon as the Japanese were forced out, Mao began building support in the provinces. He would complete his takeover of mainland China by 1949. The far right would blame Truman for "losing China." In reality, China was never ours to "lose." It belonged to the Chinese people. Kennedy wanted to work to recognize China, had he had a second term. He was gunned down by our CIA, with the help of Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover. Contrary to paleolithic conservatives of the John Bircher mold, there was no 'monolithic communism'. JFK was sophisticated enough to see this early on, but it would be his later successor, Nixon, who would seize on it and go to China, in 1972. Corporations, not ones who care really whether a regime is totalitarian, communist, fascist or whatever---provided it has a working infrastructure and a cash flow potential with exploitable resources (colonialism by any other name), moved in following Nixon's opening. The rest is, shall we say, history.

Tony Bonn said...

There is much animosity in the world towards the usa which should really be directed toward the invisible american government headed by the fabulously wealthy rockefellers. They (and their heirs and fellow travellers) govern through the cia and have used their powers for murder, mayhem, and malfeasance on a grand order for decades.

and it wasn't just china - it was and is worldwide. iran, guatemala, panama, chile, congo, vietnam, norway, india - i could go on and on.

so, yes, it is entirely understandable why mao did what he did and why he was so appealing. however, his legacy is minimal and his reign as self indulgent as any of his western nemeses.

the kennedy/nixon strategy was the same as the grand design put forth by the rockefeller's cfr. but as an update to the rosetta stone, you have to understand that they play both sides of an issue and manage those who who appear as opposites - always for their own iniquitous purposes. i have much more to say on this in a future posting.

i need to update this series to recognize the fusion principle - basically a restatement of triangulation, synthesis, third rail, or whatever synonym you prefer, to manage and subjugate populations....the science and practice of it are very sophisticated and yield inscruitable results (and interpretations) if you don't know who is pulling the strings.

thank you for writing in complete thoughts and sentences : ).

Anonymous said...

While much of this seems very plausible I do dissent on two accounts. First, Planned Parenthood does not sterilize women. Therefore, it is not a form of eugenics. It puts the brakes on rampant breeding but does not eliminate it altogether. Humans need to control our population growth and polluting forms of technology if we hope to inhabit the earth for great lengths of time into the future. Next, although Joseph P. Kennedy was head of the Securities and Exchange Commission for a time, I did not see any megalomania on the part of Jack Kennedy. In fact, unlike other Presidents he spoke in terms of high ideals and the goal of uplifting all from poverty. He was attempting to remove our money supply form the clutches of the Federal Reserve Bank. What indicates that this all was just a sham?

Tony Bonn said...

we have planned for some time to publish an article on planned parenthood, its predecessor, and Margaret sanger, but your comments will accelerate that schedule.

the short of it is that Margaret sanger was exceeded only by Adolf hitler in her hatred for people. and of course hitler got his ideological and financial support from plutocrats and fellow travelers such as sanger. sanger in her own words called blacks and brown skinned people "human weeds." her contempt for jews was legendary.

stay tuned - more to follow on this organization's wicked past and evil present. planned parenthood to this day reveres sanger, a leading light in eugenics and the culture of death.

we would agree that john kennedy did not evince any traits of megalomania. but we also maintain our central thesis that American government and history are a complete and total lie. perhaps it is time to update our core article on the subject.