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Rockefeller Filth: The Prediction of 9/11

The filth of which we speak in connection with the Rockefellers is not their wealth but of their psychopathy. Aaron Russo gave some fascinating vignettes into the psychopathic character of this family of fabulous wealth during an interview with Alex Jones in 2007. Russo develops their connection with the attacks on the World Trade Center and the championing of equal rights. The reasons for these programs by this family are startling.

Ida Tarbell got a head start on us in exposing Rockefeller crimes and excess, however flawed her reporting may have been. Whatever her sensationalistic faults, she sensed that the Rockefellers were a profoundly evil and devious species of humans. Unfortunately the leopard’s spots have not changed in the time since her article first appeared over 100 years ago.

Aaron Russo is an interesting character in his own right as an accomplished film producer with such titles as Trading Places and Wise Guys, who later branched into politics in a run for office and made political documentaries.

Predictions of 9/11

He described his friendship with Nick Rockefeller who warned him 11 months prior to 9/11 that a significant event would erupt which would unleash an invasion of Afghanistan to run an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea, an invasion of Iraq to secure oil fields and to expand the New World Order, and the toppling of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He predicted soldiers looking into caves for terrorists.

Rockefeller laughingly told about the War on Terror (WOT) which he said would be a giant hoax designed to coerce Americans to accept loss of freedoms. Rockefeller stated that the WOT would be an endless war because no specific enemy would be identified and the target would always change. The WOT, he said, is a farce to intimidate Americans into accepting endless war.

As Rockefeller attempted to enlist Russo into his elite group, he would lure him with protection and comfort from the impending doom his cabal was plotting. When Russo told Rockefeller that his grand schemes were not appealing, Rockefeller asked, “What do you care about those people?” meaning that anyone outside the 1% were debris who could be discarded in any fashion without any concerns or remorse.

Rockefeller told Russo that the goal of the plutocrats’ schemes was to get everyone “chipped” so that they could control society. There was no meaning to them for wealth and power because they had it in spades. Inserting parenthetically, it reminds me of the boredom of the protagonist in The Most Dangerous Game.

Women’s Lib

Russo relates an evening at his house where Rockefeller asked him what he thought equal rights for women was about. When Russo told him that he thought it was about pay and work rights, Rockefeller laughed, calling Russo an idiot. He stated that the Rockefeller Foundation funded the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s – 70s because the government couldn’t tax half of the population and by putting women in the work force, the children would be forced into day care and schools where they could be brainwashed for control purposes. The goal was to get kids to see the schools and the state as their families rather than parents as authority and providers.

Clearly the plutocrats do not think like ordinary people but they are most successful in suborning people into their orbit with the lure of money and success. They create plausible pretexts for actions and programs which have sinister outcomes. And worse yet, many people on these elitist organizations, such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), do not realize that they are serving the ends of their masters.

We strongly urge you to watch for yourself this 10 minute segment from a longer interview done shortly before the producer's death. It supports our grand thesis that the world is not what it appears to be and that invisible forces rule this nation.

Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo,

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