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The Invisible Hand of the New World Order

The New World Order is often ridiculed as fringe fantasy, but personalities none other than Adolph Hitler and George Bush heralded its arrival with all of its 1000 points of light last century. Although the wealthy are often accused of being its authors, the truth behind who guides its evolution forces a more sophisticated model, as an article by Will Banyan makes clear.

Let there be no doubt that wealth and power are required to impose the NWO on the world, but let us also understand that very powerful and controlling personalities animate that wealth towards its designated ends. These powerful men may be of much more modest means than the creators of the fortunes impressed into its service. One such individual was Raymond Fosdick (1883 – 1972), and to a less extent, his brother Harry Emerson Fosdick, the  famous early 20th century theologian.

It is also interesting that such people often feel, like Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, that they are doing God’s will – a trait they share with the Crusaders of the Middle Ages. Fosdick occasionally made reference to Christian motifs or justifications to foist a world government on the peoples of the earth, much as did his revered mentor Woodrow Wilson, echoing William McKinley’s 4 point justification for entering into the Spanish American War and assuming the colonies of Spain.

They are fond of employing such extreme arguments as world war, mass annihilation, and various cataclysmic disasters, much in the same way that the Red Menace and the War on Terror are used to cow people into accepting infringements on their liberties.

Fosdick became fanatically involved with the League of Nations when Wilson approached him to serve as a delegate to its functions after the first World War. Fosdick would spend a lifetime zealously advocating first the League and then the United Nations, serving for a time as one of its under secretaries between the two world wars prior to returning to his law practice.

Along the way he encountered John Rockefeller, Jr. who initially expressed misgivings about the proposed League of Nations. However, following his resignation from service in the LON in Europe, Fosdick returned to America where he had many occasions to meet Rockefeller and for whom he would serve as head of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Banyan documents, through correspondences between the two men, Rockefeller, Jr.’s evolution from an isolationist to an internationalist, with Fosdick’s perfervid pleas to his sponsor bordering on maniacal. Once he assumed the presidency of the Rockefeller Foundation and the General Education Board in 1935, Fosdick used his position to fund and promote his globalist agendas.

There were three major programmatic operations of the two organizations which sought to advance world government. The first was the Council on Foreign Relations which had been founded by the Rockefellers in 1921 and whose new goal was to shape elite opinion for the formation of world government, first through the League, and then through the United Nations. The second operation was channeled through the Institute of Pacific Relations and the Foreign Policy Association whose goal was to persuade popular opinion regarding the virtues of world government.

Fosdick also enthusiastically supported population control programs sponsored by the Bureau of Social Hygiene, a eugenics organization, whose objectives included the purification of the human race through sterilization of people and races deemed unfit for further propagation.

The third programmatic operation of the Fosdick cabal was support of social engineering, turning social science away from basic research toward research to facilitate State control of its populations. These goals were achieved through the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) whose major grant giving powers achieved the reorientation of research.

Banyan shows not just a modification of Rockefeller’s thinking about the use of wealth and the role of the United States, but he shows how that wealth was suborned into the ideas of another man, namely Raymond Fosdick, who in conjunction with his famous brother Harry Emerson Fosdick, provided the intellectual scaffolding for world government using the vast wealth of the Rockefellers, who were committed and willing disciples. Fosdick merely found the sponge to soak up his venomous ideas and to give them currency  - all by means of a conspiracy in plain sight.


The Invisible Man of the New World Order: Raymond B. Fosdick (1883-1972), Will Banyan

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