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Who Killed Nelson Rockefeller?

Easily the most popular posting as measured  by page views which we have published is The Strange Death of Nelson Rockefeller. We are uncertain why it is so popular but we offer a few follow-up observations about it including our thesis on why he died - or more bluntly, why he was murdered.

Rockefeller is not the only or most interesting character to die under suspicious circumstances. John Kennedy’s death, to us at least, is far more interesting and of vastly greater import than that of Rockefeller. In some ways his death at a ripe old age is an historical footnote which occurred over 30 years ago. So its enduring fascination is quite perplexing, especially for a public which swallows hook line and sinker any story shoveled down its throats by the state controlled media. In this case that story is that he died of heart failure.

Yes, Rockefeller’s death has a few unknowns, but so do Robert Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King. Even Natalie Wood’s death has as much murkiness to it. And yet America is flocking to articles about his death rather than to these others. As others have observed, there is no accounting for taste.

We left some of our opinions to ourselves in the cited posting since our focus was on the facts and timelines which were fed to the press in dribbles and confusion in the immediate aftermath of Rockefeller's death. However, after considering his power, prominence, and wealth, we flatly deny natural causes as the source of his death. We believe that he had angered someone or posed a threat to their interests.

It would take a sophisticated hit team to knock off the scion of one of America’s wealthiest industrialists, especially since Rockefeller had excellent security.

As we noted, his family immediately cremated his body and refused an autopsy. This raises more red flags than a communist May Day parade. We also noted the shadowy figure of Megan Marshack who has entirely disappeared from public view. And for anyone to accept heart failure as the cause of death means that he would have to reject the findings of his competent doctor who had pronounced him fit as a fiddle only several days before his demise.

Our opinion is that Rockefeller was assassinated. But if so, by whom? We believe that his associate or mistress - the elusive Ms Marshack - fits a pattern of other intelligence operations using female agents. As we noted in our original posting, such instances include Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky, and Chandra Levitt. These women were all intelligence agents working either for the CIA, Mossad, or one of the myriad intelligence organizations operating under the umbrella of the United States government.

Lewinsky and Tripp were working to impeach Clinton. Perhaps Clinton was not aggressive enough in foreign policy for the Neocons. His half hearted missile lob at Afghanistan was a clear middle finger to the warlords – in other words Clinton was not going to war over the Taliban issue at the time. So the troglodytes attempted to remove him. But we digress.

So given the fact that women can make excellent agents, especially for men who have shown a readiness to fall for their wiles, we suspect that Marshack was also an intelligence agent assigned to eliminate Rockefeller. More than likely, we believe that she was a Mossad agent.

Our suspicion is that Rockefeller was finally assassinated in connection with his support of Nazis all throughout World War 2, and his family’s anti-Jewish sympathies in spite of Nelson's hypocritical public support for Israel. We believe that his support for them came under Israeli blackmail.

The Rockefellers not only provided oil to Hitler via South America and Spain, but their company, Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon), also opened Auschwitz. It probably took the Jews some time to piece together the details, especially with Nazis in the State Department and elsewhere obscuring important facts. But once they got the story, it set in motion a very complex operation to pay back the deeds of Auschwitz.

At last, they acquired the facts and capabilities to exact revenge using a clever decoy. This explanation accounts for the circus around his death at his townhouse, Marshack's fearful hideout after the death, why a healthy man suddenly died, the media and PR circus, as well as the rush to cremate Nelson and his sordid past just as quickly as possible. And - poof - Nelson Rockefeller was no more. (Thank God!).


The Strange Death of Nelson Rockefeller, Tony Bonn
The ‘Israel Lobby’ Controversy: Elite Factionalism or Elite Conspiracy Theory?, Will Banyan

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Anonymous said...

It should be noted Joseph Mengle died under similarly suspecious circumstances about a week later.

Tony Bonn said...

Thank you for sharing that information about Mengele who died 2/7/1979. I learned something new and interesting.

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