Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What Is Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst?

A new term is entering the conspiracy lexicon, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, or DVD, not to be confused with digital versatile disk. This organization is perhaps darker than the Rothschild cabal which uses the terrorist state of Israel to impose its tyranny on the world. People who have told of it have been murdered.
The DVD has been discussed at some length by Veterans Today, and they by no means are the first to bring it to anyone's attention. Michael Shrimpton, the British barrister and intelligence asset also referenced it in his defense in British court when trumped up charges were brought against him when he reported that Germans and Israelis had smuggled into his country nuclear devices to terrorize the 2012 Olympics.
Gordon Duff, writing in Veterans Today, also noted that Benjamin Fulford has spoken extensively of DVD, giving pause to any out of hand rejections of this dark force's existence and evil.
DVD origins trace back to the 1920s when Prescott Bush, a protégé for Rockefeller-Harriman interests, organized this German outfit to sponsor the Hitler Project. As we have documented, especially from the works of Antony Summers, Western banksters and British royalty were responsible for establishing Adolf Hitler in power.
We do not subscribe to the caricature of Hitler as a murderous, Jew burning fiend. He was far from it, but the main point is that he could not have come to power without substantial financial clout from the likes of Rockefeller, Schiff, Harriman, Theissen, DuPont, and other fellow travellers.
The Duff story then states that DVD survived the war, controlling both Germany and the United States, the latter most prominently through the Bush Crime Syndicate.
The story also states that Germany and Israel formed a close secret alliance through DVD wherein the former supplied the latter with submarines in exchange for nuclear devices. Duff reports that Germany was operating weapons grade nuclear facilities in South Africa as late as 2003.
The alliance between these 2 nations may strike some as odd and suspicious given the standard narrative about Germany's alleged anti-Semitism. But the alliance is not so odd when one considers that the Holocaust is a giant hoax created by Ziocons, even as early as World War I, to use as a pity card for numerous concessions from the West, and from the United States in particular.
So with no Jews killed, there really are no hard feelings - just a cover for certain behaviors on the international stage.
So why would the DVD through Germany fund and befriend the terrorist state of Israel, the Rothschilds' foreign office? Duff presents the argument that Germany has been wreaking as much damage as possible against the United States as revenge for the systematic murder of Germans in American death camps run by Eisenhower. This explanation is also very plausible to us because Eisenhower, under the Morganthau plan and his own vile hatred, murdered between 1-2 million German men, women, and children - a topic we have covered in detail.
The Germans may also be angry over the theft of their best and brightest scientists after the war, but it is also possible that Operation Paperclip was indeed a DVD operation to give the scientists first rate facilities to continue experiments they began during the third Reich. Hence Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles were working with the Germans on future revenge.
The implications of this alliance are enormous, but it also explains the reason that the Bush Crime Syndicate enlisted the aid of the Jews to destroy the World Trade Center. The Jews hate America more than anything else on the planet for a variety of reasons we await a more opportune time to discuss; but for the present time, Americans are nothing more than canon fodder for their terrorism and wars of imperial aggression in the Middle East.
This theory of German animosity towards America fits well with Dr Jim Willie's predictions that Germany has been turning slowly towards a Eurasian alliance with Russia and China, although ostensibly Merkel is staunchly in the American camp. Yet forces motivated by DVD are moving the country out of the American orbit.
Why the Bushes hate America is anyone's guess, but we suspect that as Citizens of the World, and trillionaires many times over, they have no need for the US, and are seeking with the British, Germans, Jews, Chinese, and Russians to put it on its death bed. Indeed the nation richly deserves the payback for the way the CIA and the BCS have wreaked terror all over the world, with the DVD playing critical parts.
We admit that we have not fully unraveled this theory which we believe has merit. This theory means that the United States has been the target of destruction all along since World War 1 . Through the use of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, the United States would sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind in the mother of all blowbacks.
The imperial, rapacious United States, under the aegis of the British, Jews, and Germans, will see the final destruction of this country. Its destroyers have a century of pent up hatred for the United States in a world which will not mourn its loss.
The British did not like being upstaged, and the Jews hate anything remotely associated with Christianity. The Germans for their parts did not appreciate the horrific fire bombings, the Holocaust lies, and the mass murder of their people by Eisenhower. And thus politics makes strange bedfellows.

What a tangled web we weave indeed. We shall return to this thesis as more evidence comes in. At the very least, George Washington's advice to avoid foreign entanglements was all too sage.

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