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First Impressions: The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up

Few researchers who investigate the murder of President John Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 move past the trigger pullers, or name the names of the real killers, but Donald Gibson goes there. While these disclosures are hugely helpful to understanding the murder, he also overplays his hand by leveling unhelpful criticisms at those who work the lower levels of the case.
Gibson's contributions to finding the murderers is first rate, with some incisive analysis about how they managed to hide in plain site as pillars of The Establishment. Gibson's list overlaps with ours in many respects, with the following elite under suspicion or factually guilty of murdering a president. We have maintained that David Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, John J McCloy, Prescott Bush, Allen Dulles, Dean Acheson, Averill Harriman, Eugene Rostow, Dean Rusk, McGeorge Bundy, George Bush and other well known names in the establishment firmament were the ultimate authorities in launching the coup, and we find a fellow traveler in Gibson.
Gibson throws in a few more names such as Corliss Lamont and Alan Belmont who are worthy of consideration by researchers.
Gibson's argumentation falls along 2 main channels: 1. the immediate conviction of patsy Lee Oswald came not from government sources, but from media outlets having very close connections with America's plutocrats who controlled the major media in 1963. 2. The interconnectedness of these very elite which tied them to some of the lower level figures such as Clay Shaw nearly guarantees elite involvement in the murder as there are no other credible authority figures who could have launched such an audacious attack on the United States. Understanding Dulles' and McCloys' control of the Warren commission gives us another smoking gun.
Thus when we look at who moved and shook the post war world, these very names are present in the New York Times, New York Herald Tribune, Time, Life, Fortune, Washington Post, and other bastions of the plutocracy's communications empire. There simply are no credible alternatives to the names mentioned above. The very fact that the patsy was announced so early without investigation is the smoking gun of a cover-up by the elites who committed the crime.
Gibson covers more ground than this, particularly the inception and conduct of the Warren Commission which had no purpose other than covering up the crime of the century by the very men who were the essence of American government in the 40-50 years after World War 2.
As important as this work is, we find Gibson's analysis incomplete and dated. We could overlook these defects given that he wrote originally in 1999 as the research community was on the cusp of an explosion of new evidence and discoveries made by many researchers, of whom we consider Dr Jim Fetzer dean.
Our objection to Gibson is that he makes unnecessary charges against researchers who only identify vague groups such as CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Joint Chiefs of Staff, etc. He also criticizes many of these researchers for focusing on the lower order aspects of the case. While we agree with the first criticism to a point, we maintain that the Kennedy murder is so vast that no one can comprehensively treat it in less than 3 volumes of about 500-600 pages each, a point which reminds us of Douglas Horne's tomes.
While it does no good to name organizations, largely because organizations cannot be put on trial, it is a starting point, and a way to help organize the mass of information. We call for a major research effort to start broadcasting the names of the executives as we have done in these Chronicles, and for which we have fallen behind because the list is so long.
As long as Gibson is faulting folks for not being specific enough in their allegations, we would point out that he does not go far enough up the food chain himself. Israel, as Michael Piper Collins has noted, is a major player in the murder, with David Ben Gurion, and probably Evelyn de Rothschild being key leaders of the Zio-Bolshevist faction.
Contrary to Gibson's sniping, it did take a village to murder the president - The Establishment needed delegate figures and foot soldiers to pull off the attack. Thus we strongly affirm the findings of the veteran researchers that heavy contingents within the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secret Service, FBI, Pentagon, White House, Organized Crime, Oil and Texas plutocrats, Mossad, and probably the British royal family participated in the murder.
We also agree with Gibson that the names mentioned above are a starting point for The Establishment traitors who murdered a president, and more focus should be placed on these criminals.
Do not misconstrue our caviling with Gibson as a reason to not read his book - it is important and should be on the short list of anyone who wants to comprehensively understand the murder, and its cover-up, of President Kennedy.

Donald Gibson, The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up, Progressive Press, San Diego, 324pp

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