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Understanding Post Soviet Geopolitics

If understanding Soviet era geopolitics was challenging enough, we would like to introduce our readers to post Soviet world affairs so that they might see the criminality of the Bush Crime Syndicate, and its collaborative ties to the Rothschild Satanists and the Rockefeller Crime Syndicate.
The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was its undoing, perhaps instigated by Western intelligence, more specifically the CIA and Mossad. But we know for a fact that the Bush Crime Syndicate was present to pick up the pieces of the fallen Soviet Union for a larger offense against the successor state of Russia, the Middle East, and the USA. These criminals play for power and for keeps.
The key result from the Soviet invasion was the CIA's insertion into the Middle East and the Caucasus for both the purpose of establishing a beachhead in the Middle East and destabilizing the Soviets, and subsequently the Russians and breakaway satellite states.
What most Americans do not understand about the USSR is that it was controlled by an odd mix of Rothschilds, Jews, Rockefellers, and Israel. The October Revolution of 1917 was the work of Jewish banksters who sought to rape Russia of its natural resources and to denude it of its Christianity.
The tool through which the BCS accomplished this strategic insertion was the Muhajideen whom the CIA founded and organized by recruiting Wahhabi extremists from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and culturally similar countries. One of the key leaders in this movement was CIA agent Osama bin Laden, aka Tim Osman.
While this organization was successful in its routing of the Soviet army, it was preserved after the Soviets left Afghanistan for further conquest of Russia and its former republics. Different permutations of the Muhajideen multiplied of which al Qaeda was one. It must be understood that these groups espoused extreme Islam as a charade. These terrorist groups were actually controlled and financed by CIA, BCS, Saudi Arabia, and Israel for the chief purposes noted above - to destroy Russia, and now to gain control of the vast oil reserves of the Caspian region.
Toward that end, the BCS launched their terrorist cells against Chechnya to gain control of pipelines, and give them a base to wage war against Russia. The philosophical and religious cover under which the terrorist groups operated was Jihad - a vast fraud of manufactured extremism to alarm the West - in the absence of the Red Menace - into supporting financially and morally ruinous wars of imperial aggression.
Amoco and BP were principals in the wars and terror, activities which they helped fund or provide fronts for through their business operations. The motive of course was the Caspian oil discovered by Dick Cheney's Haliburton.
So we have a strange mix of criminals which include George Bush, Sr, Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi intelligence chief Turki bin Faisal al Saud, and Saudi billionaire and CIA agent Osama bin Laden, all of whom cooperated in the Jihad hoax of the 1990s to present to foment wars in order to destroy Russia and control the Caspian oil for which they were ravenously greedy. And we must not overlook the senior executives of BP and Amoco who provided significant assistance.
By 2001, this group teamed up with the Rothschild Jews such as Benjamin Netanyahu and Michael Harari, plus all of the Ziocons in the US, to bring about the attack on the United States with nuclear weapons on September 11 of that year. The groups involved had their genesis in Afghanistan, and were not Islamic terrorists - they were Western financed groups used to wage war against the plutocrats' enemies - the United States and Russia.
The impetuses behind the attack were manifold of which gold and diamonds were a part. But the real goal was to establish the permanency of the war on terror, a fake trumped  event at which the BCS and Jews are quite accomplished. Instead of the Soviet bogymen, they used the Muslims and Jihad to scare America into perpetual war and destruction of the republic.
But rather than dwell on that episode, we must note that the important philosophical development of the post Soviet era was the Project for a New American century which established the protocol for the conquest of the Middle East, which brings us to the present time with Syria, Iraq, and Ukraine, all of whom have been marked for conquest.
All three of these countries have been targeted by the BCS, Israel, and the Rothschilds for destruction, and are financed by a dizzying array of Satanists including George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Victoria Nuland's State Department, and a cast of traitors too long to mention.
After al Qaeda served its usefulness, the BCS and Company trotted out the ISIS bogyman, another CIA-Mossad controlled terrorist organization. Fortunately the Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, and Russians understand that the US and Israel are the sponsors of ISIS along with Saudi Arabia's financial backing.
Thus we have the ostensibly odd case where Saudi Arabia is allied with the Jewish state to conquer the Middle East on behalf of Israel, for that is indeed the end game.
We grant that the web is tangled, but if Americans can understand that everything that they see and hear about the Middle East and Russia is a lie perpetrated by the inventors of the Holocaust Hoax and their groupies such as the BCS, then the Middle East is eminently more perspicuous. It is time to throw a war to which no one comes. America's leaders are criminals and terrorists and it is about to put another one into office in 2016.
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