Sunday, May 24, 2015

The JFK Snipers at the Dealey Plaza Pergola

Just when we thought that we had identified all of the sniper positions in Dealey Plaza where President John F Kennedy was murdered by the CIA on November 22, 1963, new information emerges which upsets the apple cart by locating 2 snipers in the pergola of Dealey Plaza.
Leroy Blevins is the researcher whose extraordinary photographic analysis shows that 2 snipers operated out of the west "tower" of the north pergola, behind where co-conspirator Abraham Zapruder stood filming the murder for the CIA.
At the time of his presentation, Blevins claimed 26 years of photographic and videographic analysis, experience which he put to excellent use in exposing the explosive information contained in these documentary images.
Blevins used a combination of enlargement and colorization techniques to bring clarity to photographs which otherwise occlude their secrets. The enhanced images show convincingly that at least 2 snipers were located in the "tower" terminating the pergola.
In addition to enhancing the photographs, Blevins correlated each photograph with the location of the motorcade, showing how the 2 snipers shots fits within the context of the ambush.
As good as his photographic analysis skills are, we are disappointed in Blevins' logic skills for he asserted that because there were 2 snipers in the pergola, there could not be, therefore, snipers behind the fence. This logic error is disturbing because the rest of  his presentation discloses outstanding information.
The rush to the top of the grassy knoll by police and civilians alike, plus the testimony of Ed Hoffman, provide more than ample evidence of a sniper team behind the fence of the grassy knoll.
On the other hand, the discovery of the pergola snipers could cause damage to our Greer theory because the shots from the pergola could explain the shot seen in Zapruder frame 313 without the necessity of inserting Greer into the role of sniper. But there is still ample witness testimony of  .45 caliber shots, so we are not prepared at this point to abandon our thesis that Greer shot the president.
One interesting note from this discovery is our conclusion that, in addition to filming the ambush for the CIA, Zapruder was also positioned to obscure the snipers in the pergola.
So from our perspective, the locations of the snipers include 1. behind the fence of the grassy knoll, 2. The north pergola 3. The Texas School Book Depository where Mac Wallace was located, 4. The Dal-Tex building where George Bush Sr's Operation 40 group was stationed 5. and the records building next to the city jail.
We salute Mr Blevins for his superb work in identifying the pergola location of 2 snipers.
Leroy Blevins, untitled, Blevins Biblical Investigations,, n.d.

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