Saturday, May 23, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: The BLICS Battle of the Bulge

For those who pay attention to the shenanigans and crimes of the Federal Reserve, it may have escaped notice that Quantitative Easing has continued full steam ahead contrary to the claims of its various sock puppets asserting otherwise.
There have been at least 4 - yes we said 4 not 3 - incarnations of QE since 2009 which ignited the meteoric rise of the stock market in spite of weak economic fundamentals. The purpose was to bail out the Wall Street banksters who had caused the market crash of 2007-8 in the first place, whose price tag is well over 25 trillion USD and rising.
However, the Fed has attempted to maintain the fiction that QE has subsided or disappeared, with the CIA owned economic pundits on the CIA and Jew controlled finance cable channels moving their collective lips in sock puppet unison predicting the next advent of QE as though it ever ended. Will she, or won't she is the sock puppet parlor game regarding Rothschild whore Janet Yellen's next move on interest rates and QE.
About a year ago, some financial analysts noted that the tiny country of Belgium with its equally tiny GDP had purchased a huge amount of US treasuries to the tune of 450 billion USD. Where did a country whose GDP is about 450 billion USD find the funds to purchase that many treasuries? Did the Bond Fairy place 450 billion USD under its pillow while it slept?
If by Bond Fairy you mean the US Fed, Bank of England, and CIA, then you would be correct. The Fed has been sending hundreds of billions of dollars to its European vassal states to bid up bonds. When the publicity about Belgium's strange US bond purchases became wide spread, the Ziocons at the Fed decided to distribute the loot to more countries to better conceal its criminal activities. So now Luxembourg, Ireland, Cayman Islands, and Switzerland are part of the Fed crime syndicate which in aggregate own over 800 billion USD in US treasuries. We don't understand why no one else is clamoring to buy them - NOT.
We suspect that the Luxembourg banker who was murdered last year was murdered by the Fed for refusing to participate in the crime. But then again he could have been murdered by the Chinese for crimes and frauds perpetrated against the Chinese.
One of the mechanisms for the funds transfers is currency swaps, but we are certain that the Bond Fairies have many clever instruments for conveying funds to its satrapies for the purchase of bonds and QE to infinity as Dr Jim Willie calls it.

So rest assured folks, QE has not ended and will never end until the entire financial system collapses of its own weighty fraud.

Jim Willie, Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple, and Fresh Jack Ass, TF Metals Report, May 22, 2015, accessed 5/23/2015

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