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Tippit Murderer Identified

One of the most earth shattering breakthroughs in the Kennedy murder case flew under the radar late last year to reveal the murderer of J D Tippit. Not only that but we also discovered that Lee Oswald was not the boarder at 1026 N Beckley.
Before proceeding, we have to salute Hasan Yusuf for his groundbreaking research on the Tippit case. His findings have far reaching impact, and will materially alter the research landscape for both Kennedy and Tippit.
The explanation offered by Yusuf is very compatible with our thesis that an Oswald look alike was at many of the places Oswald was allegedly seen. As a caution, none of this should be misconstrued as a vindication of John Williams' dual Oswald theory - a byzantine story which will lead you to the office of A Beautiful Mind.
Nonetheless, this objection to Williams' theory does not mean that there were no Oswald doubles around the time of the assassination as indeed there were - a fact attested to by Yusuf's diligent research.
Tippit's murderer was a professional assassin by the name of Larry Crafard, who at the time of the assassination was a former US Army soldier who was discharged under honorable conditions most likely due to his homosexuality.
He worked for Jack Rubenstein at the Carousel Club where he served as general handyman. He was frequently described by family and acquaintances with various unflattering adjectives such as "creepy", sloppy, unstable, "rotten disposition", "pervert" and others along those lines.
In the early 1960s he worked as an assassin in San Francisco prior to moving to Dallas. While in Dallas he often used the alias Harvey Lee or O H Lee which was a play on Lee Harvey Oswald and designed to confuse people after hearing the incessant repetition of "Lee Harvey Oswald", a repetition designed to confuse. Aside from Crafard's slovenly appearance, Yusuf spends considerable time describing his physical features and Crafard's similarity to Oswald.
While Crafard is described as somewhat dark complected, he is also frequently described as ruddy, with rosacea a possible explanation for his skin pigmentation. This characteristic is important because it is one cited frequently by witnesses who claimed that they saw Oswald in certain places.
Even more important is Crafard's facial similarity to Oswald. In one particular case an FBI agent showed Mrs James Willie Walker a picture of Oswald as a means of identifying the man she met in October 1963 who introduced himself as Oswald Lee. Walker reluctantly identified the man in the photo as the man she met. However, she was not convinced that the 2 men were the same, the most reasonable explanation being that she was correct for she had in fact met Crafard impersonating Oswald.
But Walker was not the only one to be overcome by a case of mistaken identity. Helen Markham who witnessed the murder of Tippit; Ronald Fischer who saw a man in the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository resembling Oswald; Officer Marrion Baker who saw a man going down from the 4th floor in a light jacket later identified as Oswald; Domingo Benevides who witnessed the murder of Tippit; Julia Postal the Texas Theater ticket agent who sold "Oswald" a ticket; and officer Roger Craig who witnessed "Oswald" entering a Nash Rambler all gave tentative but inconclusive testimony that the man they witnessed was indeed Lee Oswald. Unfortunately they mistook Larry Crafard for Lee Oswald.
One other witness who was also coerced into faulty testimony was Earline Roberts, the housekeeper at the boarding house on 1026 North Beckley Avenue where Oswald allegedly stayed. Yusuf provides convincing evidence that Oswald did not stay there. Where did the legend come from that he did? The information came from Dallas Police officer Gerald Hill who was one of Tippit's murderers.
Thus history has been sorely abused by the false testimony of Hill and the willing complicity of Allen Dulles and John J McCloy of the so-called Warren Commission. There is actually no substantive evidence that Oswald stayed at the North Beckley boarding house, and is probably the reason that the CIA closed it from visitors for the past 50 years. In fact it was Crafard who stayed there, and who left the house soon after the murder of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, and was picked up by Gerald Hill to murder Tippit.
One other person who mistook Crafard for Oswald was Donald P Norton, a former CIA agent who was sent to Monterrey Mexico in March 1962 to deliver 50,000 USD to Crafard for what we believe was the plot to murder Kennedy.
The implications of these discoveries are enormous, and must await a future posting to fathom their depths. But the murderers of Tippit have been identified, and we only need tie up the loose ends.
There is much more in Yusuf's article which we annotate below. While we encourage researchers to read the full article, we also warn them that it is not a literary gem. However, the value of the article is great enough that such deficiencies must be overlooked.

While Yusuf is much more cautious in drawing conclusions than we are, we correlate his findings with so much other known evidence that the conclusion is ineluctable that Larry Crafard was the Oswald double who murdered J D Tippit.

Hasan Yusuf, Did Larry Crafard kill J. D. Tippit?, The Lone Gunman Myth, December 5, 2014, accessed 5/7/2015.

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