Saturday, May 30, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: The Chapwood Index and Why It Matters

It is common knowledge among both amateur and honest professional economists that the United States government produces a sewer of economic lies in practically all of its economic statistics series, especially the CPI. Fortunately there is another antidote to the US lies in the organization which produces the Chapwood Index.
Many long time readers or savvy students of economics are aware of John Williams' excellent Shadow Stats website which produces honest data for a host of economic indices produced by the fraudulent US government, such as from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. His outfit produces a series on the consumer price index which shows rates of growth often double the official government numbers.
We have now discovered the Chapwood Index which focuses on a narrower set of data for the consumer price index, but its specialization allows it a deeper coverage and analysis of price increases based upon data from 50 US cities.
The results are astonishing. According to Chapwood, the cost of living has increased 10-13% per annum across the US since 2011. When considering the compounding effects for the years 2011-14, the cost of living has increased by 56% in Chicago. The statements that the middle class has been wiped out are too moderate.
By contrast the liars in the US government have reported CPI growth of 2-3% for the last 20+ years, assertions which do not withstand critical or honest scrutiny. Just like the USSR, the US government lies every time its lips move.
Thus we have solid honest statistical evidence from 2 different sources using 2 different methodologies substantiating that the US is on the verge of hyperinflation, the inevitable outcome of the Quantitative Easing program started by quack economist Benjamin Bernanke. Bernanke was less of an economist and more of a gangster for the Ziocon crime syndicate which was bailed out to the tune of 25+ trillion USD.
For those who want an truthful understanding of price increases in the United States, we recommend the work of both organizations.

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