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The Strange Death of Richard Rockefeller

When philanthropist Richard Rockefeller died in a plane crash on June 13, 2014, the Jew owned press painted the event as a tragic loss of a good soul who served humanity. The truth is that Rockefeller was murdered like his Uncle Nelson.
Richard Rockefeller made his name as a doctor who taught and practiced medicine for allegedly altruistic reasons, especially as head of Doctors Without Borders. What these press reports failed to disclose is that Rockefeller was also a scientist - of the mad sort - who sought to treat Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in soldiers returning from the imperial wars of aggression of the United States and Israel in the Middle East.
Rockefeller's preferred method of treatment was the saturation of sufferers with large quantities of drugs such MDMA, also known as the psychoactive drug Ecstasy. Besides numbing pain, did these drugs also serve as an MK-ULTRA aid? The main problem with this philosophy of treatment is that it fails to recognize the diagnostic value of pain - a phenomenon not to be numbed, but treated by disassembling the fears and traumas accumulated in a terroristic war waged by the world's 2 largest terrorist organizations.
Other commentators, such as Dr Joseph Farrell, introduced some interesting evidence regarding the death scene of Rockefeller outside Westchester, New York. The Piper PA 46 airplane he piloted carried a 122 gallon gas tank which was most likely full at takeoff. Short minutes after the flight started, the pilot lost contact with the Westchester control tower, and was next found crashed in a neighborhood near the New York City suburb. Interestingly enough there were no fires at the crash scene, leaving open the distinct likelihood that fuel had been cut off and other systems sabotaged to induce a fatal landing. Like John Kennedy, Jr, Richard Rockefeller was a very experienced pilot who had flown in and out of Westchester innumerable times.
Rockefeller had been a trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which Farrell uses to link him to financial interests where covert war is hot and heavy. For example, he mentioned that James S McDonald, CEO of Rockefeller and Company, "committed suicide" 5 days following the death of Rockfeller.
This story is utterly preposterous. McDonald was a very successful and powerful bankster who managed the finances of the Rockefeller fortune and offered sophisticated banking services for other wealthy high powered clients. We seriously doubt that he labored under any mental condition which would lead to suicide.
The truth is that a rash of bankster murders have occurred over the past 2 years, with McDonald and Rockefeller being 2 such examples. Taken together, the only reasonable conclusion is that they were murdered to send a message to the murderous David Rockefeller that his gig as terrorist and thief in chief were over.
Given the superb and tight security of the Rockefeller Empire, only a very sophisticated enemy of the Rockfellers could undertake the sabotage required to kill of one of the family's scions. We would also note that the news stories that David Rockefeller is worth 2.8 billion USD is a laughable lie. The wealth of that family has been buried in trusts and accounts so deep that an underground sonar couldn't find them. But the telltale evidence of the wealth is nonetheless palpable, and it reaches into the trillions.
Farrell notes that Rockefeller was murdered on Friday the 13th, a superstitious day which gained its notoriety as the day when Philip IV of France took on the Knights Templar in 1307 as part of his war against criminal international banksters. The irony is quite evident. Then again, perhaps it is more than irony.

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